What's New-New With Noms [Sweetest Drip Exclusive Release]


For those who love to get geek’d up off their music,

send Noms some ♥ for releasing his latest remix of Dskotek’s MEGAMAN!

If u never played the games, lemme give u da low down: Megaman’s defeats his foes with his trusty arm cannon, allowing him to absorb their special abilities in order to bring the world back 2 peace.

Noms (AKA Fernando M. out of Boston), is an indie music producer perfect for anyone with an insatiably eclectic electronic music palate. He’s a very now-oriented producer, experimenting with the very edges of electronic dance music production. It’s reassuring that anytime I take a stroll ’round da Web, I can rely on freshly produced Noms tunes to keep me on da path. Like Megaman, Noms assimilates everything he loves, focusing it into a beam of #positive energy resulting in exclusives for yung Sweetest Drip to b i g poppa Mad Decent.

Noms – High Tide

Knowing that at any given time, Noms is hard at work producing an OG track or mastering a remix is truly #inspiring. Noms has been on the beat for about a year now and already has a 37-track festival on SoundCloud alone!


Will Noms’ ambitious production journey restore world peace?

Noms – Swagu Drippin’ Mix 4 Sweetest Drip

Reuel: You’ve released almost ten tracks since you mixed the Swagu Drippin’ mix a ~month ago. Also, it’s close to being a year since you’ve started producing as Noms. What are some #important lessons you’ve learned so far?

Noms: I’ve learned a lot this year, especially that you gotta spend monster amounts of time with your music software to really learn about it. I still have a ways to go, but its nice that I’m finally getting to the point where all my ideas are coming out the way I want them to via Ableton~

Reuel: Noms tracks are always hot on the Internet, netting anywhere from a couple hunned to 1k+ listens (on SoundCloud alone). Do you have a mega blaster cannon or something?!?! Your Megaman-like qualities are admirable because of how well you understand new genres in order to turn them into something more unique (Sea’n’B, Jpnz Club, babymaker, luvtrap to name a few you’ve tagged on your profile). How has your experimental approach helped develop the Noms style so far?

Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift (Noms “Geisha Harem” Remix)

Noms: I get inspired by so many different things all the time. Music is always changing, and that’s what I love. I love the new new and try to mess with as many genres as I can, always trying to keep things fre$h and one hunned. Always messing with new genres or sounds is the best way to grow as a producer imo.

Reuel: What are your goals for the near-future? Will Meganoms overcome evil and restore peace to the world? Shoutouts? #pray4meganoms

Starfoxxx – Ha Rewerq’d (Noms Remix)

Noms: Oh yeh, gotta keep my brus safe from Doctor Wily and his evil rob0tz. After that, my goal is to keep making the best music I can possibly make, and keep feeding da hungry SoundClouders~ Oh yeah, put I luv u mum somewhere in that post! S/O 2 Momma Noms!!

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