Dance Hard, Werk Harder: Higher Internet Debuts 'Ha Rewerq'd' EP

Higher Internet 'Ha Rewerq'd' EP

Higher Internet‘s debut Ha Rewerq’d EP,

scheduled for release on May 15th OUT NOW, is a ready-4-da-flo’ footwerk fiesta beckoning you to let loose dat caboose! Higher Internet is an ace lineup of web-age producers with a New York-Chicago connection, each reworking the Ha Dance to whatever way they see fit.

Masters At Work – The Ha Dance

If you’ve seen the Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd film Trading Places, then you may have a special place in your <3 for these tracks (I’m 2yung2kno so I did my research and I now ~promise~ to watch it soon, especially for this scene). The OG Ha Dance was later sampled and reworked for the first time by New York’s Masters At Work for 90s dancefloors; it’s still comes thru soundin’ like a true house classique.


Higher Internet rewerq’d it to the max:

Higher Internet - 'Ha Rewerq'd'Starfoxxx, (who is actually David Beltran, multi-moniker’d Chicagoan production god + master of all @ Feeltrip Records/Boyhouse Limited) sent me a preview of the EP after I shared it with the Sweetest Drip FB group. Starfoxxx-David’s first track has a slow, yet suave (if u can handle it pon de flo’) hi-hat/bass/synth progression sprinkled with the finest Murphy-Aykroyd vocal dust. If you stare at the EP cover long enough while listening to Starfoxxx’s rewerq, everything will make sense.

Higher Internet – Ha Rewerq’d

Flubba (Aaron Lifton, rollin’ out from NY) pumps the breaks a bit harder than Starfoxxx, slowing his Ha rewerq down 2 a big ol’ bass drum and sirens. Flubba’s B I G tune got me super in-tha-zone because I don’t wanna get caught standing still by the Vogue Police! His is the kinda track where if you listen really really really hard, you’ll hear a faint “where’d you find this?”

Hardcore voguers, Tony Quattro’s got you covered with his spin on The Ha Dance. Quattro laces some real in-yo-face vocal cuts 2 get you footloose and staring straight into your dance opponent’s eyes. He gets my vote for the best use of the boo-bwele-boo-bwele-boo-bwele-ah-ha! sample from Trading Places.

Tigorilla (Tyler Miller) not only rewerq’d the song, but he gave it some baller overtones. Syncopated sirens, claps, and drum kit bits are dribbled about the (basketball) court that is the space between your ears. I say this should you spend a lil xxtra time on the Boyhouse Limited Bandcamp page, you’ll see an inverted Jumpman logo paying tribute to the label’s Chicago home (and reinforcing Tigorilla’s love for basketball as claimed on SoundCloud).

Sweetest links for all Higher Internet everything:



Starfoxxx – Ha Reworq’d (Noms Remix)

Decided I wanted to fux wit dat HA! I went to david beltran, and he was like, remix dis. so I said yes — Noms

If u need a lil moar convincing, maybe Noms’ Higher Internet hyper-combo remix will give you extra reason to get werk’d up for the May 15th Ha Rewerq’d release. . .

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