Indie Playlist Monday: May 14, 2012

Indie Playlist Monday: May 14, 2012

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01. Phèdre – Aphrodite

Roddy: Mahjong. Livingroom-neoballet. Face paint+costumes. Beautiful sound. I can keep throwing words at it all day but I’ll always fall short — that’s why the vid is here 🙂

02. Purple Velvet – You Are | Exploited

Roddy: It’s a California summer and you’re sitting in your room; it’s 87° but feels like a 100° kinda evening. You’re grooving to this with the blinds half-opened, sunset spilling into your .

03. Cyclist – Live at The Arsenal, LA (05/12/2012)

Roddy: Cyclist laying it down with some smooth set from Lalaland. Abide by Cali luv sonn.

04. Flight Facilities feat. Grovesnor – With You

Reuel: Reasons, animated and otherwise, why I can’t be seen with you. More of that sexy-time disco vibe with robotic underwear. With You is Flight Facilities’ third official single released on Future Classic, and features Hot Chip drummer Grovesnor. Compared to their previous music videos, this one’s more Interstella than glam.

05. Higher Internet – Ha Rewerqd EP

Reuel: Boyhouse Limited debuted their first digital release with Ha Rewerqd, a four-track EP with tracks by Starfoxxx. Flubba, Tony Quattro, and Tigorilla. Check out the feature here. Just wna show u how hard I werk my vogue~

06. DSKOTEK – MEGAMAN (Noms “Robot Master” Remix)

Reuel: Noms released another exclusive track for Sweetest Drip! The Robot Master Remix is a dirty-south, 8bit bass tribute to videogaming hero Megaman. Noms got us geek’d up!

07. Ghibli – Rare Pleasures

Reuel: Ghibli’s based in Edmonton, Canada but has immigrant family roots from Eastern Europe, where Eurohouse music became a major influence. According to his Bandcamp description:

As [Ghibli] began making electronic music in his teens, the influence of that early European house re-emerged in his mind, receiving it’s finest summation on his new album Rare Pleasures, a ten track opus built entirely of samples collected from Youtube videos.

08. Groundislava – Inverted Audio Mix 64

Reuel: This one’s dedicated 2 all da Driplets in their bedrooms. I h i g h l y recommend that you find your most comfortable pair of cans and listen to this Groundislava mix alone at night b4 u get your ultra-catnap on.

09. SpaceGhostPurrp – Tha Black God

Reuel: If you’re quick to foretell the death of rap/hip-hop, you haven’t been listening to The Black God, SpaceGhostPurrp. Real talk 4 your indie playlists.

10. Kitty Pryde – Okay Cupid

Reuel: Whether or not you approve, bbKitty done did her thang ♥

11. Para One – Lean On Me (feat. Teki Latex)

Reuel: Para One and Teki Latex, two brus u can count on should u need a welcoming shoulder to lean on this week. Nothing but feel-good vibes from this video; def got me feelin’ dat warm and fuzzy ¦)

12. Frite Nite Podcast 22: Clicks & Whistles

Reuel: Salva’s Frite Nite label featured Clicks & Whistles on their 22nd Podcast. If you know a thing or two about Salva, you’ll know that anything under the Frite Nite umbrella is certified Sweetest choonage.


Reuel: When I’m in the shower, half-forgetting I need to be somewhere and half-notgivingafuq, I get caught up staring 2 deep into the porcelain. Time slows and water drips out of the showerhead sounding like this CESAR EP.

14. Night Works – I Tried So Hard (Gold Panda Remix)

Reuel: Gold Panda says: Making music at home and playing it to people not at home. Drea M. from Sweetest Drip FB (LIVE FROM. . . work ;_;) says:

This song slaps Monday across the face, and then kisses it to make it better.

15. Slugabed – Sex

Reuel: Feeling tired? Overweight? Lacking energy? Want to look and feel GOOD?

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