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The Wombats – 1996 (Lenno Remix) 

Have you been drinking all week? No? Why not? Do it for Lenno. Cause he can’t.

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From fantastic stretches to frustrating monotony, 2011 has been an interesting year to say the least. At Sweetest Drip, we saw periods of transition, over 2,000 miles of relocation, realizations of mortality and a drive to do something greater — and none of us are in jail… which is just fantastic.

As everyone celebrates the 365th day of the year, and while the curtains to 2012 rise, I’d like to introduce you to a DJ named Lenno to help you celebrate your night.


In case of emergencies, look to Lenno

The Knocks – Brightside (Lenno Remix)

Lenno in Milan

Lenno in Milan via http://www.facebook.com/lennomusic

Active for at least over year, 16 Years-old (or 17) and hailing from Espoo, Finland; there’s not much known off-hand about this mystery DJ. All that could be gleaned from his Soundcloud is that he’s signed with the ever-amazing Top Billin’ record company (If you haven’t checked out Playboy Anthem, click and enjoy some real talk), and has done official remixes & works for very large international record companies and artists.

But that shit’s just boring detail.

Let’s step back and be frank: We just know that Lenno does disco, and he does it good.

One of the lessons learned from having to deal with the budding chillwave trend over the past couple years was that we lost dance-ability, which I view as more than a huge problem.

Techno is shit since there’s no bass-line, dubstep is quickly showing itself to be a 1-trick pony, and it seems our only hope lies in disco and funk-minded individuals — and collectives — outside the borders of the United States (here’s to you Europe & Australia!).

So as the year comes to a close, I am goddamn determined to have you all thrusting your hips, shaking your booties and practicing the best type of sex: groovy and soulful.


For your booty shaking emergencies: Lenno’s NYE Party Mix

It looks like Gotta Dance Dirty commissioned Lenno to make a NYE playlist for today, and so I’ll close this post out with almost an hours worth of good tunes.

Lenno – Gotta Dance Dirty New Year’s Eve Party Mix

Enjoy, and depending on the label, we look forward to covering more of Lenno with his 2nd official release in 2012.

See you next year.


Thrustingly Yours,



Featured img via http://www.facebook.com/lennomusic

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