The Sweetest Drip Indie Playlist of 2011

KISS MY ASS 2011 - Sweetest Drip 'best of 2011' indie playlist

Sweetest Drip’s Top Shelf 2011 Indie Playlist

Last year we danced hard, we played harder, and we chilled the hardest.

Below you’ll find our selection of the best indie songs from 2011, hand-picked and much-listened to over the year by your boys at Sweetest Drip.

01. Metronomy – The Bay

Howard: Big big year for Metronomy, and they deserve it. The English Riviera was one of the most solid albums released in ’11. It made for some good drunken singalongs and dance sessions.

02. Yelle – Que Veux Tu (Eumig & Chinon Poppy Remix)

Howard: This is a great showcase of two amazing artists in 2011: Yelle and Eumig & Chinon. Give Yelle’s Safari Disco Club album a good listen and check out Eumig & Chinon’s SoundCloud for more dancey tunes.

03. Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance (Edwin van Cleef Instrumental)

Howard: Edwin Van Cleef is everywhere these days. This is perhaps the best rendition of Chilly’s You Can Dance I’ve heard. An instrumental version of his full-on remix 10 months ago.

04. SebastiAn – Embody

Marc: Wet. Simply dripping. I remember first hearing this song and literally getting embodied. It revived my love for electro at the time as my love for the genre had been waning. This song not only inspired me to dance again, but also to let electro back into my life.

05. Frankenstein – Impala ’61/IDK (feat. Jabbar Walker)

Marc: This song re-instilled my hopes and love for hip-hop. This track alone inspires me to start my own freestyles.

06. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language (feat. Jess)

Marc: Australia doing it big, Sweetest Drip style. The minute I heard this song I thought of only three things: rollerskating, booty bounce, and my fantasy island fortress.

07. The Weeknd – Glass Table Girls

Marc: Ladies, ladies, and ladies. When I first heard this song these were my thoughts. Props go out to The Weeknd for shutting the game down. Enjoy this tasteful video by Miguel Bidarra.

08. Teams vs. Star Slinger – 86 Carat Gold

Reuel: I… I… think I’m gonna cry. If you don’t know why this song is on the list, I’d suggest buying some earwax cleaning solution.

09. Daniel Haaksman – Copabanana

Reuel: This is the anthem to my early retirement. 2011 was when I truly began to appreciate my tropicool roots, thanks to Rei do Funk Mundial, Daniel Haaksman.

10. ASAP Rocky – Been Around The World

Reuel: Girls love him, boys want to be him. Be yourself though — that’s the moral of the story.

11. Tyler the Creator – Analog (feat. Hodgy Beats)

Reuel: My 2011 New Year resolution was to forget about girls. Sirens, especially. This allowed me to wholly indulge in music all year, ultimately discovering great minds like that of Tyler and Odd Future. Notice a trend yet? This unofficial video is also by Miguel Bidarra.

12. Housse De Racket – Chateau

Roddy: Chill Frenchbro duo Housse De Racket released their sophomore album Alésia this year. Of all the great tunes in it Chateau garnered the most repeats out of me. Honestly, I am not that big of the video (kinda feel they missed out on a big opportunity to market the song with a more suitable video). But the song remains freshly untarnished, enjoy!

13. Hotel Mexico – Dear Les Friends

Roddy: Such an infectious song and you don’t get bored of it no matter how many repeats. Trust. I have tried. When are they coming to the US of A? WHEN?!

14. Jensen Sportag – Jareaux

Roddy: This song is so fucking smooth. It did make the usual rounds ’round the interwebz, but not a lot of remixes were made. I think it’s because it’s hard to touch this song to make it better because it is that FUCKING GOOD. Jareaux. The vid works perfectly with the jam.

15. Bodies Of Water – Open Rhythms

Roddy: Listening to this song made me pick up my bass like I mean it. ’nuff said.

We hope you enjoy our indie playlist featuring some of 2011’s primest cuts.

Let’s chill hard together to make 2012 the sweetest year ever. Love always,
Howard, Marc, Reuel, and Roddy

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