Hemingway Electro DJ

Hemingway may be considered a veteran from the Electro Wars era:

Pelifics – Forever (Hemingway Remix)

He was making chill waves before chillwave became the genre du jour, and his sound has this tropical vibe to it – before it became the thing to do for other dj’s/remixers, and yet he remains in relative obscurity to the proletariat of the electro indie-webz.

Hemingway is the talented James Harris from Toronto.

Hemingway’s work may be labeled many different things and if we’re playing this game then I think tropical-dreamwave to be quite fitting.

Whatever you want to call it you can’t deny that this dj is very creative and fresh with his sound:

Cyclist – Bass Face (Hemingway’s Space Party Remix)

Hemingway’s tracks are hard to pin down — not strictly dancefloor per se, his songs are listenable in any alternative state your indie-self might be:

they’re good to vibe out to with your chill bros and broettes, they’re good to grind out too –  in SloMo, of course – with some alternative bootie, they’re perfect for when you’re cruisin’ the midnight city, and they’re a fitting choice for when you’re experimenting with some designer drugs.

Hemingway’s mixes are always a trip

When I listen to his tracks I am always transported to some sort of Banana Republic juxtaposed with the haziness of Los Angeles at 4:55am and a swirl of coconut essence (I blame the bongo drums!).

Matt Van Schie – Lady (Hemingway’s Beach Bossa Mix) (Be My Lady)
Hemingway twerkin' it

Hemingway doin' his funky biz


With such funkiness oozing out of every song Hemingway has been a long time indie electro fave for me.

Hemingway has always struck me as an absurdly creative dj/producer/remixer – taking songs in surprisingly refreshing directions.

His remixes are well executed but don’t feel too serious – they’re playful, easy going on your eardrums, and with gorgeous tropi-cool laced vibes.


Keenhouse – Aries (Hemingways Starlight Yacht Remix)

Word on the web is that he might be releasing an EP this year.

If 2012 is gonna bring anything special, I pray to the indie-electro gods that it is Hemingway’s long-awaited EP!

So, when/if the world goes at least I’ll have a dope soundtrack to go with the fireworks!

featured images credit: Hemingway via Facebook.

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