Club Cheval: The Four Horsemen of the Electropocalypse [PICS]

Club Cheval parties like it’s 2012.

There are those who are hellbent on delivering the bad news: that the world as we know it will end and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ In (Sam Tiba Remix)

However, the Chevaliers mount the wild stallion that is life, seize it by the reins, and whisper in its ears saying: “I’m going wild for tonight, fuck being polite.”

To those who don’t already know of Canblaster, Myd, Panteros666, and Sam Tiba’s global electro-exploits, allow this to be the Sweetest introduction to some of France’s finest kings of clubs.

Panteros666 – Horreo ft. Club Cheval

Club Cheval rode gallantly through LA with the Sunset at their backs and 666 horsepower under their hands.

After seeing success from Florida to the Bahamas aboard the Holy Ship! electronic music cruise, Club Cheval galloped their way to LA bringing their raw horsepower to the Echoplex. Hosted by Check Yo Ponytail 2, the night featured the gentlemen tag-teaming a single set of decks with visuals provided by DEMONBABIES.

Funkin Matt feat. Teki Latex – Get Loose (Canblaster Remix)

It was clear that with each twist of a knob and timely press of a button on their DJing spread, the chevaliers had a clear vision of what to deliver to the crowd at any given point of the night. Each Chevalier demonstrated their extensive, varied backgrounds in music production and remixing which resulted in an eclectic playlist of tracks during their set. Cheval’s tastes span ghettotech, house, and pop hits topped with their personal spin on swagger.

Check Yo Ponytail 2 presents Club Cheval @ Echoplex (08/28) | Sweetest Drip Copyright © 2011 | All Rights Reserved.
Though the Echoplex was barely (and unexpectedly) half-full, each drop and cut between tracks riled up the crowd that did have the good sense to attend. The live set between these four very proficient artists showcased a dynamic unlike much of what we’ve experienced during this lull in post-Ed Banger LA. While other DJs bore you with weak, uninspiring performances as a front for hustling their lackluster brands, Club Cheval is all about the essence of the universal language that is music and brings the life of the party to a drippin’ wet climax.

Sacrificing your Tuesday night’s sleep for school or work the next day meant you could’ve mingled with the likes of Brodinski and Gesaffelstein — I didn’t, but I did get to speak briefly with Club Cheval after the show. We talked about Myd’s new Persian cat gifted to him by Sam, Canblaster wanting some Taco Bell, and Panteros serenading my photographer and I with Juanes’ Es Por Ti.

Club Cheval — ASSEMBLE! ♞♞♞♞

To those who missed out, let me tell you this: keep your eyes on the music blog horizon and ears open for the neighing of these intergalactic caballeros.

Though they’re not quite the prophetic white, red, black, and pale riders of impending doom/salvation/worldwide hallucinogenic trip, it’s definitely clear that Club Cheval brings forth a worldwide reckoning of future music far removed from the likes of juiced-up roidstep, Euro-inspired American pop, and been-there-done-that hip-hop, R&B, and rap.

Myd – Javier

For more in-depth information on the Chevaliers and their work, check out:

Twitter: @clubcheval

Or you could just see them live yourself at a venue near you!

15 January – Club Cheval @ Le Bain – New York
16 January – Club Cheval @ M-Room – Brick Bandits x Mad Decent – Philadelphia
20 January – Club Cheval @ Social Club – Paris
21 January – Sam Tiba & Canblaster @ Astropolis Hiver – Brest
21 January – Myd @ Wake Up LR #5 – La Rochelle
24 January – Panteros666 @ Forma T x Social Club – Paris
26 January – Panteros666 @ Bus Palladium – Paris
27 January – Canblaster @ Klub Kamieniolomy – Varsovie
27 January – Panteros666 @ IBoat – Bordeaux
28 January – Canblaster @ Silbergold – Frankfurt
11 February – Myd & Sam Tiba @ N’ PY
11 February – Panteros666 @ Batofar – Paris
18 February – Canblaster @ K4 – Ljubljana
24 February – Myd @ Vauban – Brest
25 February – Club Cheval @ D Club – Lausanne

Tsugi Federation x Club Cheval mix

Shoutouts to Perrine with Club Cheval as well as Echoplex and Check Yo Ponytail 2 staff!

Gallery photo credit: Phoebe Wong Photography
Feature photo credit: Maciek

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