Heatwolves: Love Bangin' in Shanghai [Interview]

DJ Caution x Heatwolves (The Super Ayi Cleaning Team)

Enter Heatwolves,

one member of a local Chinese auntie/ex-pat production/DJ gang called The Super Ayi Cleaning Team currently based in Shanghai. Tired of the the same old same old, Heatwolves set out on the quest to spin anything from Tuss-drenched choons to slow’d down bb-I’m-gon’-luv-u-rite classiques at his LOVE BANG parties.

The Super Ayi Cleaning Team – HEARTBEATS [阿姨爱巢]

I’ve been listening to all the mixes you’ll find within this interview for about a month now; each session perfectly sets the tone for post-everything gallivanting — anything from syrp’d-up Internetadventures to rollin’ up 2 da #rarehoneys with an 88bpm LOVE U LONG TIME call for da guud times.

I was super-happy to speak with Heatwolves about his eclectic tastes and find out what kind of mess ‘Super Ayi’ has to deal with while DJing in China. Being an American ex-pat, there’s bound to be a lot of out of the ordinary shit that goes on during Heatwolves’ day to day, so we chatted about things you chat about when u wanna get 2 know someone u don’t know 😉

How did I get to Shanghai? I’m 657 years old. I’ve lived through several dynasties and during various warring periods I left China and traveled around the globe, mostly Denmark and Kalamazoo. Now I’m back here in the Orient.

I started writing heatwolves.com after a trip to Laos where I met a whiskey-drunk haggard named Verona, from Verona. He told tales of heatwolves and robot bear police. Upon returning to Shanghai a week later I bought the heatwolves.com domain name.

In many ways Shanghai now is how I remember it in the 1930s. Loose women, gin, the French in abundance. I’m trying to document these times as I really have trouble remembering much of the 1930s. . .

Heatwolves.com started as a place to post music I like and stories about the times/my adventures. I learned to DJ because the youth demographic was playin’ this electroclash mess in the dance. This was late 2008, a time I was really into italo-disco and baile funk. Heads were not ready. I cleared many dance floors with Shari Vari.

The Love Bang universe came about in 2010 as an accident more than anything. I booked my friends Bicep (feelmybicep.com) for a party at this place called Dada Bar (one of the best mid-sized bars I’ve been to in a few centuries, run by one of the best promoters in the game: Michael from Antidote) and I needed a name for the party because my previous crew 白酒机器人 had broken up. Love Bang was supposed to be a one-time party but here we are at #17, doing shows all around China and producing tunes/dropping mixtapes on the reg.

Things really stepped up last year when my good friend (and insanely talented DJ) Caution joined and Love Bang became a team. My boy Charles had been rocking shows with me since the beginning but Caution helped us take it to the next level.

The Super Ayi Cleaning Team – LOVE U LONG [龙] TIME

Now we perform under the name The Super Ayi Cleaning Team. Ayi (阿姨) = auntie/cleaning lady in Mandarin. We’re working with a group of these aunties on original production and remixes. They’re really sensitive to sound, especially lower frequencies. We’re releasing mixtapes every month too, available over at SoundCloud.


#rare LOVE BANG swag

What influences me? Riding the subway. I’m writing this on the subway right now, listening to a bunch of new music I just downloaded. Danny Brown x Darq E Freaker Blueberry. Really nice tune. I’m really feeling DJ Sliink, I’d like to do what he does but with Asian pop songs, just to see if it works.

I’m influenced by cartoons too, especially that blue robot cat with no ears – 机器猫/Doraemon. I learned a lot of Mandarin from watching the Taiwanese version of that. Ummm, all the crazy shit I see every day, like this lady selling crack pipes on the street pointed a fake gun at my dick and was like “Bang! Happy New Year! Sorry! Sorry!” People rolling around with ten life-sized stuffed animals on their bike, the vampires at the club late late night (places here stay open till 6 or 7am, then there’s after-hours spots too). . .

Heatwolves – BL▲CKCLOUDBL▲CKR▲IN // 黑云黑雨

Back to music though. . . emmmm, if you heard my BL▲CKCLOUDBL▲CKR▲IN // 黑云黑雨 mix you know I like that head-nod narcotic rap, like old Three 6 Mafia. Loving the Shlohmo Vacation EP, that Jonwayne XLR8R podcast, anything on Tri Angle. . . Lazer Sword, Rustie, Madlib, Fantastic Mr. Fox. . . Lil Ugly Mane, Spaceghost Purp, DJ Screw, Dipset, Actress.

For the club, I’ve been feeling a lot of 120bpm stuff like Tonite by Omar S. Love that track. Been on a huge Baltimore Club fix lately too; I wanna bring DJ Sega out here.

Heatwolves on da streetz of Shanghai

Heatwolves on da streetz of Shanghai

There’s way too much minimal and tech-house in Shanghai/Beijing and I really hate that. Prlly cause I don’t do drugs. Love Bang is really there as an alternative to all that noise. We play hip hop and dancehall early in the night, then party jams, Bmore, Motown, whatever, and dubstep late in the night. We get on the mic like old-school DJs, rewind tracks, etc. It’s eclectic but not random. I don’t understand DJs/promoters who play the same style of music all night and never talk to the audience (especially since parties usually go from 10PM – 5AM here).

DJ MAZE all vinyl reggae set @ LOVE BANG #16

If you come to Shanghai. . . you should definitely check out Dada, The Shelter, and Yuyintang (a live rock venue). Those are the realest music venues. But you should check some wack local mega-clubs like 88 and M2 too, just don’t talk shit or someone will break a wine bottle on your head. Get out of the posh city center and check out the ghettos. Don’t eat the yellow snow. Get a massage. Don’t get a girl pregnant.

Also, check out: Cha Cha, Conrank, PAUSE:MUSIC (my friends’ label), Ceezy, Hamacide, DJ Cavia, Duck Fight Goose, PAIRS, Death to Ponies/Acid Pony Club, Drunk Monk, Rainbow Danger Club, Friend or Foe, B6, Demerit, ummmmm. . . Uptown Record Store is right by my house, that place is aight. Music scene here is definitely on the rise, has been for a minute.

Oh, and check out my friend Donny:

Donnie Does Midi Music Fest

Thanks and love for doing this interview! Please check out what’s good in Shanghai:

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