Friends of Friends 'Salton Sea' Record Release Party @ Echoplex 5/4 [PICS]

So we went to the Friends of Friends release party for Tomas Barford’s Salton Sea

. . .and it was probably one of the best shows we’ve been to.

Howard: It’s pretty much official, the Friends of Friends crew know what they’re doing, and it’s BLINDING when you HEAR how clean their sets are IRL. Those mp3’s and LP’s? Just audio porn. FoF live? Fucking the juiced up real de(a)l.

Suzanne Kraft – Mix for D is For Disco (Kiss FM AU)

This was one of those rare moments when everyone from Sweetest Drip was there, so we’ll be splitting this coverage up into sections. The TL;DR version: SICK. ALL B▲SED SW▲G F▼CKING #TOUCHING ♣ MUSIC. $DOLLA$ IN MY FACE, BRAIN BLOWN LIKE FRESH BAGEL$.

Most of the Sweetest Drip crew started perched high above downtown LA in a giant tube, sipping fine and swinging our insecurities (read: hangovers) at the skyline. We were getting ready to get down, a little too hard, missing some solid early sets, but thanks to homebru stunna Roddy (nice seeing you again mang!) the first half is well-covered below (WIF PICS).


Utada Hikaru – Sanctuary (Groundislava Remix)

Roddy: Arriving at the Echoplex to the latter half of Groundislava’s set, I swiftly settled in with some whiskey in hand. As you probably know, everyone is too fuckin’ cool to really dance in Lalaland, but despite this well known ‘city fact’ people were already swelling up the dancefloor and grooving to Groundislava. Being a first timer to his music, I came in with no preconceptions and I was really digging what he was playing. He had a creative repertoire, like when he dropped a sweet remix of Utada Hikaru’s theme for the Kingdom Hearts 2 videogame. When he started spinning it he asked, “Does anyone play Kingdom Hearts?”

The crowd feigned ignorance (s0 fuckin’ cool LA).

Overall his set had a pretty chill atmo going on without being chill-wavvy

Photos courtesy of Eric B. | Copyright 2012 Sweetest Drip


Reuel: Well. . . the rest of us arrived a bit later than Roddy. Something 2 do with prepartying.

RL Grime – Grapes Alla Vodka (Salva Remix)

Friends of Friends 'Salton Sea' Record Release Party @ Echoplex 5/4 | Copyright Sweetest DripThe ravens on the Internet say Suzanne Kraft and Groundislava played chilled-out housey sets. After giving SoundCloud the ol’ playthrough, I was very pleased with all the Kraft trax. I saw Groundislava briefly in San Diego supporting Jerome of LOL Boys, but have yet to catch a full set. A must 4sho at this point! I am very sad to have missed them, and now I know not to f up so hard next time (>人<;)

We arrived a bit after Salva started droppin’ some mixture of RL Grime or Lunice, at this point I can’t remember which I heard first (via party was so bangin’ from da get-go). Some of us had their Sweetest priorities more on-point than others a la much luv 2 Eric, who done did it again wit da hot pixxx gallery above!! Others, were def. ready to show off their fancy footwerk.


Friends of Friends 'Salton Sea' Record Release Party @ Echoplex 5/4 | Copyright Sweetest DripI’ve honed in on Salva’s beats for a minute, listening to anything that has his name mentioned. PROTIP: I love things that are hard 2 define at face value (TYFoF). Now the same is tru with Tomas Barfod, whose Broken Glass is nothing to skip over if you want to rack up da lifetime awesome song frequent flyer milage points.

That night it was made clear that spinning live is where Tomas reigns supreme. The crowd gathered at Echoplex was wholly entranced by Tomas’ Dansk-touch, guiding everyone through some of the hardest ghetto-acid-Euro-Rack’d-da-fuq-up-City beats their feets could keep up with.

For the official, more eloquent word on the man of the night, Lazy Brow says the following about the upcoming Tomas Barfod’s upcoming Salton Sea release on May 22 with Friends of Friends:

Tomas Barfod is fascinated with the idyllic wasteland, unveiling ‘Salton Sea’, an LP on the Friends of Friends imprint that draws from the concept of urban decay. . .

Either spatial and seductive or frightening and macabre, ‘Salton Sea’ engages multiple moods, jarring the listener and bringing them deeper into its shadowy pop.

Tomas Barfod – Broken Glass

Shlohmo arrived even later than we did (like a boss) and immediately set the tone with a screwed version of the All That theme song. Let me tell u that if Kel loves orange soda, then I love all thangs purple and slow. If you’ve been pon de Internet for the past couple of months/years, you’ll know that chopped & screwed and trap-style beats are making quite the resurgence with bass-oriented electronic artists. Shlohmo and other friendlies incorporate these with their own personal touch that have gotten contemporaries and fans geeked up off everything Friends of Friends.

Shlohmo – wen uuu (Groundislava Remix)

Shlohmo had command of the crowd at the subwoofer level, almost hypnotizing fans with every Internet-famous song. There were points during his set when he was shaking his head, cookin’ up a storm with rest of the FoF crew werkin’ it onstage when I knew all was right with myself and the world. Especially when Groundislava threw his towel over his head and started cookin’ 2 Shlohmo.

Friends of Friends 'Salton Sea' Record Release Party @ Echoplex 5/4 | Copyright Sweetest Drip

I must stress the fact that throughout the entire night, there was no shortage of true and real. Thanks for giving us an environment in which we could all peace da fuq out 2gether. Sincere thanks, Friends of Friends, for one of the most solid LA release parties I’ve experienced!

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