Indie Playlist Monday: May 7, 2012

Indie Playlist Mondays

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We don’t rate with numbers because everything is cat-approved.

01. TeamSupreme Vol. 4

ReuelTeamSupreme‘s twerkin’ that dddddddamn, son sample til it can twerk no mo’. Sweetest Eric got us keen 2 da team that has only been on the radar since April. Turnt-up, ultrafresh beats local to Sweetest Drip and shared 2 all our bright lil ☼s.

Appearing on Vol. 4 are: Kloud, Anansi, King Henry, Papi, Snorlax, Kenny Segal, Dot, Preston James, Nalepa, Colta, Djemba Djemba, and Great Dane. Get comfy with these stunning guys/gal.

02. Crookers ft Style of Eye & Carli – That Laughing Track

Reuel: Web 2.0 expansion pack to some or a Zen test for others.

03. C-san ft. Iman Omari – Hate On Me

Reuel: If there b haterz in ur life, check out C-san’s album Dreams and Reality if u need some tips.

04. Baauer Mix for LFTF

Reuel: Baauer’s mix for Live for the Funk (awesome blog, great job) has kept me going for the past week. An excellent mix of OG Baauer and sticky-icky tracks await u.

05. vanmega – LOL (Parts 1 & 2)

Reuel: Vanmega seems like our type of bru (chill):

A sorta chilled out summery set I recently took to Mexico. Pairs well with warm weather and reclined positions.

06. Philco Fiction – I Want You

Reuel: U know how I like 2 troll out of left field?

07. Duke Dumont – Street Walker

Reuel: Lo-fi, sing-along, pay4play adventures courtesy of Duke Dumont. The first in a series of club-conquering EPs according to Dumont’s wingmen at Turbo Recordings.

08. Salva + Grenier – Wake The Dead / Forest Floor

Reuel: I had a full-on bosses weekend with my brus, wholly inspired by Friends of Friends’ Salton Sea release party. If u missed out. . . unfortunately u missed out hard! Besides #rare honeys/food/shiba-pettings/28-story-catnaps/and now Koreatown cafes, 100% wet b e a t s are what I look forward 2 most when sitting pretty in LA. Whether it’s Salva, Frite Nite, Wedidit, Young Adults or any other FoF(oF): anything they touch turns to gawld and they never fail to satisfy my Sweetest time.

09. The Super Ayi Cleaning Team – HEARTBEATS [阿姨爱巢]

Reuel: I don’t remember how exactly I came across The Super Ayi Cleaning Team, but soon you’ll know exactly why I fell in love with this Local Chinese Auntie/Expat production/dj gang based out of Shanghai. Super Ayi’s mixes are as eclectic as Sweetest Drip’s indie playlists — it feels like I’ve established yet another Internet spirit-link 2 a turnt-down, chill’d-out music lovers. Ironically, I was ankle-deep in beach sand staring into the most gorgeous So Cal sunset when I received the latest word from Heatwolves’ from across da Pacific. . .

10. Mickey Moonlight – Come On Humans (Sam Tiba Remix)

Reuel: Sam Tiba back wit dat French drip ghetto-tech to keep us perk’d up for the rest of the week.

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