Simply Trill: July 20, 2012

Sweetest Taeyeon, grant me da strenf 2 b as rel as can b for today's Simply Trill indie playlist.Sweetest bb Taeyeon, grant me da strenf 2 b as rel as can b for today’s Simply Trill indie playlist. Even though I want to do non-hoodrat/non-gangsta things like veg out on my bed watching Girls Generation do their magic, it’s my duty to deliver the truest and realest songs, mixes, and beats that cross my path on the Intrnt. Today’s special: artists who’ve supported Sweetest Drip by sharing their work on our Facebook group, contacting us via email, or stumbling upon us through friends of friends of friends. Y’all are who keep us the Sweetest among the rest~~

01. Viette – U Ain’t

Gonna start off Simply Trill with some post-tarpstep music by a young Los Angeles-based producer VietteU Ain’t doesn’t bang like the rest of em, but it mos definitely leaves you feeling super-confident that you can take on dat muhfukka who stained your brand-new Supreme shirt with bacon-wrapped hotdog juice. U Ain’t is an awesome example of how movements such as “future bass” and “real trap shit” join at the hips and squeeze out a love baby called Yay Mommy Thanks For Letting Me Live, Learn, & Grow.

Cool thing about Viette is that he’s not a one-trick pony and that he stays tru to himself. He had an introductory mix over at 110BPM that I finally had a chance to listen to all the way through. I haven’t followed artists like The XX, Bon Iver, and Foals, but knowing that Viette originally hails from Wisconsin, Bon Bon’s Minnesota, WI is a #touching way to start off what turns out to be a truly #trill mix.

02. Contact Lens – Gun Clap Museum

Contact Lens is no stranger to Sweetest Drip. As one of the first artists I started following when we first started the blog, yung CL has definitely been on the up and coming. Though Gun Clap Museum doesn’t have a single gun clap (I luh gun sounds, no lie), it has ample amounts of hip-hop, R&B, and soul influences with that Contact Lens twist. My personal favorite track off the EP is TEN FORTY and that steel drum intro might just be the reason why I’ve let the EP drip out my speakers all week.

Whether he’s producing beats for much blog’d about rappers or simply flexing his latest and greatest experimental techniques to a growing number of fans, one thing about Contact Lens has kept me coming back for more: the fact that I know his whole package is true and real. Other really cool things about Contact Lens:

  • a really cool Tumblr with some of the best self-made pixel art you can find this side of Kreayshawn pre-Gucci Gucci
  • and his nicknames are always on the spot (ie. CONTACT LENS AKA LIL THESIS STATEMENT)

03. Misk – Whoa

I know there are a lot of people who are tired of ultra-macho bangers and all sorts of filthy BWAWAWOMP bass, but I posit to all the James Blakes out there 2 apologize 4 the tearz after listening to the likes of Misk.  From utilizing all the right 808 samples, gun clap transitions (told ya I love gun claps), and dubstep/future-bass inspired wobbles and drops, Misk has all the makings of a fine a trill sir.

For connoisseurs of harder-styles of music, Misk is someone you’ll want to keep posted on. He’s playing tonight at the Kava Lounge in San Diego alongside MORRI$, courtesy of the Liquid Geometry collective. If you end up going, take a picture with Misk and tell him it’s for Sweetest Drip. The first person to send me proof will get a lovingly used Space Case two-piece herb grinder and an autograph from yours truly. No lie.

Misk will be playing tracks from his Twacked EP, which is Liquid Geometry’s second official release! Flood out da club and show deez guys some love.


Life gives you all the answers if you know how to listen. I turned to my Facebook friends for help/support with improving my journalistic skills (cause I just wanna bring u da hottest traxxx in da most compelling manner). A few good brus recommended to brush up on Hunter S. Thompson and the gonzo approach.

While it might or might not be cliché that LOUDPVCK starts this certified hood classic with a Fear and Loathing sample, I can say for certain that it was no sweat securing a spot for BRICK on Simply Trill. Their SoundCloud has mere snippets of instrumentals that’d make Lex Luger cream himself and ask “damn son, where’d you find this?” Keep it up LOUDPVCK (and many thanks to Sweetest Drip OG for consistently recommending heaters).

05. MVSCLES|O|D sweet n sour remixes

If you haven’t noticed yet, Boston’s got a lot of GOOD (see: non-pretentious/not paid in full by mommy/daddy/corporation$) indie artists releasing their work on the Innanet. I came across MVSCLES while blog-surfing for our indie playlists, totally digging their lil gem of a pop anthem.

Besides our mutual affinity for the sweetest things, MVSCLES collaborated with the M|O|D collective with SD regulars C.Z., LiL TExAS, Trap Arnold, Yung Satan, and REWROTE coming together for sweet n sour remixes. I heard Trap Arnold’s first as it was shared at SDOG like, yesterday. They’re all really solid mixes though — in fact I’d highly recommend that you put aside $7 of your lunch money to buy the EP off MVSCLES’ BandCamp.

And even after all this heartfelt rel-talk — if you don’t trust my opinion, you might find Forbes a little more to your liking.

I imagine people thinking “da FUQ U MEAN?!” whenever I post. So, when that happens I do something like this:

awwww yeeeeeeeeeea

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