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01. Bangs – Take U 4 A Dinner

Ever since I first saw MoviesI felt honest, down to earth vibes from our boi.  Bangs isn’t a #SWAGMEDAFUQOUT rapper — as known of the blogosphere’s current iteration of hopeful hot spitters. His lyrics are always from the heart  — Bangs seriously wants to take you to the movies + take you to dinner — and set it to instrumentals that’d probably make the lord Diplo Himself wanna give our boi a shot at Jeffries (though I’m sure Diplo and his flock of bloghawks and trendfalcons are already hot on Bangs’ tail).

Verdict? Bangs-types > Riff Raff-types any day in my honest opainyon. I predict Bangs will be featured on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic next week (lol)Shoutout to FEELTRIP for being quick on the beat with Bangs’ latest — this video truly made my day!

02. Massacooramaan – Wijd

Massacooramaan (Dave Quam) is a recent discovery for me, and like their equally unique labelmates at Fade To Mind, they’re no exception to the b urself code of conduct. Wijd‘s visuals may feel like a horrible shroom trip to some, and a beautiful juxtaposition of the organic and synthetic to others.

Face-value, it looks like the daily life of some sort of ultra-hip cosmic hive mind, with knife-like defenses meant to shank haters to the beat of rapid swishy-sounds and a  Bulgarian folklore sample, according to a YouTube comment. I did some research and they seem to be on point with Bulgarian folklore — I honestly thought it was some Ghost in the Shell or Princess Mononoke sample (animu lol); all of which I don’t mind because it brings the track to completeness.

Who knows what Massacooramaan envisioned when he got Kingdom & Subtrança to direct the video for Wijd. At the end of said song and dance, I saw a tru bru who’s producing whatever he wants to please himself and his peeps, as well as to break the mold when it comes to what people expect out of their post-whatever music experience. Check out Massacooramaan’s debut EP Dead Long Time if you want moar.

03. Homework – Ask Yourself

Homework’s video speaks for itself. Just feel da riddim, feel da beat. Listen to the words, and ask yourself: can you dance to my beat?

Reuel dances to his own beat.

Yeah, das right. But I’d really love to try and learn how to dance to yours! Isn’t it all about lovin’ and learnin’ anyway? Research tells me that Homework hails from Amsterdam, with Ask Yourself representing their latest efforts as a prime cut of a track mixed with deeeeep housey flavors and the most succulent down-pitched Afro-vocal sample (Dutch ovens are no joke). Keep an eye out for more Homework on Exploited Recs, where you can find SERIOUS DANCE MUSIC AT IT’S MOST CUTTING EDGE.

04. Goldroom feat. Chela- Fifteen

When it comes to hardcore LA chillin’, count on Goldroom to lay down the track that’ll most likely get your panties wet with whoever you’re cruisin’ with down Sunset. Josh Legg AKA Goldroom has become a bit of a staple in the realm of Los Angeles-based producers when it comes to all things laid back and tropicool. Fifteen is 100% reminiscent of times when you drove your sweetest honey up the Pacific Coast Highway, getting baked (by the sun) in your droptop (or mom’s car), truly not giving a fuq.

Goldroom will be on tour soon, in places that I might not see for a while since I’m stuck in the Internet (halp pls!):

August 10: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic @ Charles Sumner 8
August 11: Santiago, Dominican Republic @ Vicci
August 18: Equinunk, Pennsylvania @ Equifunk Fest
August 25: Washington D.C. @ U Street Music Hall
October 13: Toronto, Canada @ Wrong Bar

05. TNGHT – Higher Ground

TNGHT (AKA beat maestros Lunice and Hudson Mohawke) are almost godlike in the eyes and ears of 2012’s trillest yung money soldiers and bad ass honeyz. It’s simple: their collaboration hits the right spot for those looking to play hard — whether or not you knew about their individual careers up until this point. Though the video’s somewhat of a promo/preview of things to come (“this recording features idents not on the released version”), it plays nicely should you give it phat speakers and ample bouncing booties.

Let me put it this way: if shit really does go down at the end of 2012 — (Pakal’s probably just gonna come back on a spaceship with some trans-galactic neu-age non-sound-based music that’ll most likely blow up peoples’ heads if they don’t vibe well with it) — shit might as well go down with a bangerrrrrr!!!

pacal bringing us this week's music videosLike it or not, Spönge is drippin’

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