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As a byproduct of free evolution and open minds attuned to the Internet’s pulse, Sweetest Drip is starting on a new page this week. From now on, we aim to publish compelling content that inspires worldwide coups against anything and everything that forces you to like, follow, or throw $$$ at it. At the end of the day, we don’t wanna cash in on you like everyone else; we want to provide you with ample ammunition to establish yourself as a B O S S.

Some people are claim they’re unicorns. I’m a young 20-something-year-old K-POP artist just wanting to go on my very first date. U r whatevr u want 2 b. Get it?

TL;DR version: Do what you want. We’re doing what we want. Live free, play hard. And a lil something about #rare honeys.

01. Flying Lotus feat. Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy – Between Friends

I was happy to wake up today, especially refreshed by a good night’s sleep and a big surprise on the Internetworks: Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, and a Captain Murphy came thru lookin’ clean with a new track! Between Friends is a testament to the power of collaboration (collabos, if u will). Adult Swim has facilitated yet another collabo with the power that simultaneously w(h)ets Rap Genius and Brainfeeder palates (panties).

You’ll find a lot of e-speculation about Captain Murphy’s identity since many netizens match the rapper’s paradoxical flows to a certain Mr. Creator. However, Odd Future has thrown curve-balls in the past and you’re roaming the Wild Wild Web so take everything (hype/buzz/rumors) with a fistful of salt and just listen to the music with a swag-free mind/heart.

Today, Flying Lotus tweeted a YouTube link to Captain Murphy’s Mighty Morphin Foreskin.

Though Between Friends didn’t make the tracklist for Flying Lotus’ highly anticipated album Until The Quiet Comes, it’s available for free as part of the Adult Swim Singles Program 2012Between Friends sits pretty alongside releases by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Hives, Wye Oak, Absu, and The Field and is another diamond in the rough expertly purveyed by Adult Swim.

If you grew up watching Robot Teen Spaceghost Lab 2021, Great Jobcalypse! or if you’ve ever got your Supra’s scuffed at Low End Theory (and/or a FLOG GNAW WANG THEM ALL TRILLIONAIRE SQUAD show), check it out!

P.S. Here’s some tour dates, for your health:

02. Bobby Champs – Drag Queen EP

In one hand, there are producers and DJs who manifest destiny their way across the vast frontiers of future bass and beyond, amalgamating all sorts of genres and infusing their personal styles into the very bangers you and I enjoy.  Take the UK for example: acts like Lapalux, Bondax, Star Slinger, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and Evian Christ have seemingly popped up out of nowhere, temporarily confusing the hell out of labelmakers and noob bloggers (me) alike with terms like UK funky, jungle, grime, 2-step garage, etc.

Their goal? To push the boundaries of existing genres (those italicized words are legitimate genres based out of the UK, not fancy words for elevator and apartment) in order to allow new genres (future bass is only one way to put it) room to evolve.

In the other hand, OG genres are safe and sound with the likes of Pictures Music’s Bobby Champs, a young British maestro flying a techno banner as heard in his upcoming Drag Queen EP.  Many people forget (or won’t admit they don’t know bcuz they’re 2 qool) that electronic music has had a long history spanning multiple subgenres across the globe. Tracks like CHARLIE have that clicky, synthy, and voguetastic feel that many people come to love about techno. Bobby Champs’ multi-layered creations never fail to fill the room with something indescribably feel-good, should you play his music on a bangin’ sound system.

A lot of work goes into the composition of tracks like CHARLIE, whether it’s made from traditional instruments, bleepy-bloopy instruments, or lungs and a voicebox. Can you hear the greatness stirring inside CHARLIE as he makes his way to the States via S.S. Sweetest Drip? Drag Queen is scheduled for release on August 20 on 12″ vinyl and digital via Pictures Music.


I definitely have feelings for this song. Whether it’s the “HEY! HEY! HEY!” chants, the AIM log-in sounds, or Starfoxxx’s love for beats that creep up on you, swerve feelings has all the makings of a midsummer “shoeblaze” classic.

Starfoxxx is always hard at werk promoting his own Feel Trip label of artists and releases. Coming from Chicago, home of juke and ghetto house’s most renowned artists, Starfoxxx works his magic on the regular to bring the BOYSWEAT/GIRLSWEAT out of you, whether you’re listening to his music in the comfort of your own PJs or in booty shorts at da club.

04. CRO¥DON – El Hefe EP

Give a Moombah Token to Conductor Croydon and you’ll find yourself on a one way trip To The Moon. Depending on your current personal tastes/level of self-diagnosed ADD, you may or may not be into moombahton. The world of “blogworthy” music moves fast; in fact, some may tell you that it moves faster than the BPM in the “Yaba Edit” of Croydon’s Moombah Token. Many online have voiced their opinions, claiming moombahton is as dead as dubstep (because everyone knows your latest A Zip and a Double Cup x Original Don mashup is MONEY).

Then there are those who spend most of their day offline letting other sources (not blogs) influence their musical inclinations. If you talk to these people about moombahton, they’ll probably stare blankly at you while trying to picture some kind of new Pokémon in their head.

If you come across those types of people, gift them a copy of Croydon’s El Hefe EP. It’s seriously for their health (via twerk hard, sweat harder / getting to know your neighbors for a happy community). El Hefe‘s also another example how refined any “dead” genres can sound if composed by someone with real inspiration and love for what they do.

05. …as Sampson – Venice

…as Sampson comes visits Sweetest Drip all the way from Geneva, Switzerland. Earlier this month, Sampson graced Sweetest Drip OG with a “chill filter ballad” that I found fitting as an outro to this week’s indie playlist. He’s one of the tru brus that consistently visits our lil corner of the Internet, updating us with his latest nu-disco, electro-funk, and 80s-throwback sounds. Our Sweetest community thrives on new, independent artists as we strive to become patrons of the underdog. What does Sampson have to say about this slicc tracc?

Hate to see her leave…

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