Honey Goo: August 17, 2012

Real talk: I’m gonna leave the words to da pros today. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from listening to a broken record and tune into something a lil more chill (like your heartbeats & warm-fuzzy feelings). Don’t feel like talking much tonight (plus you’ve got plenty of it in our previous features this week), but I always like to lay out a nice spread for all da party peoples regardless of how I’m dealing with PTSD*.

*post-trill soju drinking

Gonna leave it to my bb Drips to keep it poppin’ throughout the weekend while your host is down, out, and 404 error’d for a bit. If anything breaks, let Alfred know. Otherwise I’m gonna be in the master bedroom probably doing a bit of mastercelebration.

01. Viette – Yung & Tatted

“its kinda a riff off the “snapbacks and tattoos” idea, yungins of all creeds & colors embracing the ol’ get money motto. but also sort of a parody of that, cuz saying u “get bucks like an addict” is kinda weird/depraved nawmean? although good chance nobody thinks about music like this that much lol.” — Viette via Sweetest email

02. Contact Lens – 2 MANY FENCES



“His mix for [ROSE QUARTZ] really hones in on that 90s sensual slo-jam sound, with source material both obvious & more obscure rendered slow & syrupy. Perfect spa pool listening paired with Perrier-white wine spritzers.”

“holy shit glitch text? what a fucking badass. He must run the fucking internet.” — VΞRACOM via Twitter

04. Kian – Korean Dream (2NE1 – Can’t Nobody)

Howard: Hey Kian, want to do a test? I think theres a shit ton of global listener potential for slicker kpop remixes (the shit out right now in general is shit). Would you mind putting the song title/artist somewhere so people can find it? Let’s see if it blows up.

Kian: Your right, I’ll put it in the title and description.

Howard: no need 2 b drastic, i think tags work fine in sc

Kian: I’m also gonna re-upload the track and have me yelling the songs that I sampled.

Howard: hahahahha

— Kian and Howard via Sweetest Drip OG

05. Spoonz – 12-3 Mixshow 014

“for all my true house lovers ♥” — Spoonz via Sweetest Drip OG

06. Y.N. Rich Kids – Hot Cheetos & Takis

“Hot Cheetos and Takis
Hot Cheetos and Takis
I can’t get enough of these Hot Cheetos and Takis
Got my fingers stained red and I cannot get them off me
You can catch me and my crew eating Hot Cheetos and Takis
BOW” — Y.N. Rich Kids


brb my fingaz is red

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