Time for another dose of New Music Videos

Sorry bru’s, I’m in the middle of shedding a single, lonesome winter tear — was watching The Brave Lil’ Toastie today and I couldn’t help it, it’s just such an #inspirational movie. OMG lil’ toastie, I bet you wouldn’t (electro) + (cute) n e one. You brave-ass mother fucker.

Anyways today’s music video (Spönge) theme is all about being up-front and trying to reclaim something you’ve lost in the past. What other’s consider trash, you’re smart enough to see as pure diamonds wriggling their way up your artistic brain-gina — or something deep like that. Let’s all sop up them creative juices 2gether~.



01. Star Slinger – Elizabeth Frasier (Cocteau Twins Rework) | Unofficial video by Dylan Childs


Reclaiming: Your voice.

For some reason, the really slow & confusing characters of the alt-90’s are floating around like ghosts, tearing shit up left and right. Gotta love the combo of old sounds vs. new + a fan doing something on top of that with a self-made video because…. FUCK IT.

Despite the utterly idiotic damage these fucking Apple + Tech Lawsuits are doing to future creativity & our ability to progress via $$$ from smart startups; we thankfully still have fuckers on Vimeo trying to keep it real. Fuck you patents. Fuck you.

02.  Three Loco – We Are Farmers (Ft. Diplo)



Reclaiming: Your trill aesthetic as a biz decision.

Is social networking king? Does cussing due to mental affliction make you fabulous because it’s now ‘acceptable’? Have you ever heard Diplo fucking rap? Is SoCal ready for trill-ass internet nerdz taking over Mad Decent shows? All these and more will be answered once we see the release of Three Loco’s (that’s Andy Milonakis + Dirt Nasty + RiFF RAFF) first album on Sept. 4th. Suddenly need to turn up Youtube while buying insurance. BBL.

03. Antwon – Living Every Dream (Prod. by Pictureplane)


Reclaiming: Lo-Fi

Reuel’s been raving about how our brother from up in [show_hide title=”SCC”]Santa Clara County[/show_hide] is being nothing but the definition of #trill and non-ratchet. Now I see. I see so HARD.

From the relaxed OG beach vibes to that whole haloing effect from an old camcorder, this video and Antwon’s sound definitely evoke nothing but that classique feel. There’s seriously nothing to hate about this goddamn video. Ahgahdam.

04. Air France Music – Side by side (w/ Sebastian Tellier + Caroline Polacheck)


Reclaiming: Your facebook likes.

“So what’s up with ‘Air France Music’,” I asked myself. It turns out that it’s not the French group Air France, no this is the music division of the airline, Air France. Names are hard. Working with Tellier & Polacheck, “side by side”  is part of Air France Music’s lil’ social marketing game, this facebook app features a simple concept of being able to switch between the two artists & their songs. IDGI, but you might as well give it a whirl. Shit loads slow as molasses doe.

05. Hardy – Seek


Reclaiming: Dem balls.

James Hardy is another UK yung blood impressing the fuck out of us with his music. If his soundcloud is to be believed, the guy is only 17. SEVENTEEN. WHAT THE FUCK ME, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE — is what I guess I should say to myself or something, but jealousy/regret/shame/being a republican is such a waste of nrg. Does that mean he can’t party at some of the show’s he plays at? Are you excited about his upcoming release?

06. PUCCA “Love Crash” X Glen Check – 60’s Cardigan


Reclaiming: Memories of that one creepy & stuffy bf/gf in a refreshing way.

South Korean (m)Indie label SoundholicENT recently teamed up with cutesy-brand Pucca to create a slick CG video titled “Love Crash”. Featuring two tracks from  K-Indie band Glen Check, it’s definitely an eyeball catcher.

Damn, that’s it for this week. We’ve found a shit ton of videos for this month, but there’s just too many for us to showcase. Hopefully we’ll bring you guys something longer next time (prolly not).

Until then, pat your toaster, kiss your cat and dry your eyes cause we got your back.

O dat good rum. Bitch I’m drunkkkkkkkkk.

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