Is fashion weak with Fashion Week?

Is fashion weak with Fashion Week?

Does one week of fashion really show it all?

Black heels, smokey eye shadow, the latest designer clothes, and some variant of the up-do constitutes the typical look you see on models during Fashion Week. Sure, that is a beautiful woman on the catwalk and the look of her outfit can seem timeless, however, isn’t new fashion supposed to be innovative, forward-thinking and fresh?

New York Fashion Week 2011 Lanvin Fall Campaign Remix

Where is the everyday wearer represented on the catwalk? High-brow and distant from the masses, Fashion Week only caters to the select few who’ve gained entry through their money and elite status. They don’t represent the individual or the other 99% of the global population.

Fashion Week is an industry event, where design houses display the latest trends via runway shows to the media. “What is in and what is out” is the boiling topic.

If you’re new to the scene, the major Fashion Weeks are showcased in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Starting in the Big Apple and going down that list sequentially, all of these locations only secure major cities of the United States, England, Italy, and France. These places don’t encompass the world’s population, and the diverse stylings that other international fashion scenes produce.

I didn't know that Mercedes Benz is a fashion house. . .

credit: Paul Lowry via Flickr

Fashion to me means originality through using clothes as a physical representation of one’s self-expression. So where is the individual in Fashion Week?

How is your fashion affected by one week of runway madness?

You wake up in the morning, put on the outfit you pieced-together from your personal collection, and go out into the world feeling like a million bucks. This is what the companies want you to feel, but in reality they are the ones making a million bucks off your dollar. In constant pursuit of the latest seasonal releases, youths get hooked to the pseudo-lifestyle of elitism and success.

Media shooting one off for fashion!

credit: missapril1956 via Flickr

“I want to be a trendsetter” or “I want to be a style icon” are thoughts of many young ones and logo-flashers addicted to branding. Major fashion companies have them branded like cattle on a ranch with designs that offer nothing new year after year. It hurts to hear this, but think about the realities of fashion: how many of the same designers, icons, and faces do we see year after year at each major event?

Where does the regular person interested in fashion sensibilities get represented? Fashion from the runway to street is determined by tycoons driven to mold the styles of the world. Disconnected from the world, and living high above, these people in skyscrapers are designing the next trends for decades to come, with no regard to the everyday person.

Big fashion comes and goes in cycles but it doesn’t mean we have to recycle their ideas.

Wear what you feel represents you, and not what one week of selected designer’s showings tell you to wear. Fashion is all about breaking the rules, being different, and representing you. If you want to be a real style icon, think only of yourself — this is a great opportunity to be selfish in the right way. Don’t think of others’ perceptions of you. “Who cares” is the mindset and that will make you look more like a confident bad-ass.

Constant repetition in the major scenes has been said and done, and fashion is one of the rare instances in life where recycling isn’t good for the environment. Do we want to live in a world where everyone is wearing the same version 2.0 Henley shirt or can we get our individuality back?

New York, Madrid, Paris Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Weeks

Don’t get me wrong: I love designers, the runway, and all that the fashion scene entails, but having the same ol’ same ol’ just doesn’t do it for me any longer.

Go out into the world sporting your own latest trends and inspire others to do so. We need more variety in the world because monotony is what’s killing style, our lives, and even our mindsets.

My last challenge to everyone is to be you and in that notion become your own fashion.

feature photo credit: Art Comments via Flickr

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