DAIMS&CHRISUPREME welcome all aboard the MoomBAYton train

DAIMS&CHRISUPREME are Dwight Aims and Chris Botta

Stationed in Sacramento, Dwight Aims and Chris Botta’s signature sirens, vocal breaks, and booty-bass drum beats are laced into tracks delivering a unique taste of the Yay Area.

However, DAIMS&CHRISUPREME have yet to fill the MoomBAYton train’s passenger cars with local commuters. And for the Sacramento locals, that’s too bad.

Frankly, they’re missing out on one hell of a party.

DAIMS - Sat On Soul

Moombahtrain engineer DAIMS (Dwight Aims) told me over the phone that there’s not much local support coming out of Sac-town as you’d expect — despite these artists having endorsements from BBC Radio 1 DJs, Brooklyn’s moombahpioneer David Heartbreak, and a Nike Sportswear Sweden mixtape.

Luniz – I Got 5 On It (Daims & ChriSupreme MoomBAYton Remix)

Together with moombahtrain conductor CHRISUPREME (Chris Botta), Dwight has only been into the moombahton sound for less than a year. He told me that it all started as a joke directed at a friend who didn’t want to hop aboard the moombahtrain.

Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci (Allan Guevara, ChriSupreme & Daims Moombah Edit)

By composing a moombahton-inspired mix directed at their moombah-skeptic homie, DAIMS&CHRISUPREME found the inner-swag necessary to release their first hit — as graced by a certain young Natassia from the Bay.

Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci (Allan Guevara, ChriSupreme & Daims Moombah Edit)

From point A(wwww yeah) to B(o$$y), DAIMS&CHRISUPREME have embarked upon a musical journey fueled by the BPMs necessary to keep hips shaking throughout the clubs they’ve played.


Whether accompanied by fellow friends and artists, or focusing on hours-long stints in their bedroom studio, DAIMS&CHRISUPREME have a distinct sound that brings together the rawness of Bay Area music with the drippin’ wet nature of moombahton.

Death Grips – Lord of the Game (Daims&Chrisupreme x Allan Guevara Mix)

I mean, how else are you to take the vibes of a hardcore underground hip-hop artist like Death Grips and turn it into something of a balls-out club/dancehall banger? It might be something to do with the following line:

Fuck where you’re from,
Fuck where you’re goin’,
It’s all about where you’re at.

That’s exactly the ethos DAIMS&CHRISUPREME have towards making music. Dwight told me over the phone to expect new sounds from the duo under a new moniker: Penthouse Penthouse (reference-mongers see Workaholics season 1, episode 8).

Daims – Tabú Mas Dulce (Sat On Soul)

Dwight is currently working on a sounds beyond moombahton and into something more experimental combining hip-hop beats, witch-house, and future-bass. With over eight years of production work under his belt, this is a totally doable endeavor.

A mixture of such genres could potentially make something of a sweetest taboo to many ears, but those attuned to the heart of the artists will know that Dwight Aims and Chris Botta are men who believe in the soul of their sounds.

feature photo credit: DAIMS&CHRISUPREME via Facebook

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