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oOoOO – 333

There have been a lot of times when we’ve been stopped in our tracks, our minds absolutely blown by slick bedroom artists (& Kpop missy’s) that have forced a bushel of throaty oh‘s from our bodies. oOoOO yes bbgirls and boys, music-wise we are clearly in the midst of a slick 90’s throw-down, and as kids raised in the era of dark-fashion and truly bigger-than-life hip hop and R&B personas (y’know, before “Peeing in the Closet” and “Some Bros in Paris”), it’s exciting to be here and witness a few good gentlemen & ladies of our generation taking up the banner of trill, bringing the world that sweet ol’ street-smacking dark sound with that refreshing, experimental, feel. Can you say FRESH is LEAN?

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oOoOO – CoachBagg

Coming to Central SAPC on July 13th in Santa Monica, CA with a handful of impressive brain-melting “gaze” acts like Sahy Uhns, Blacks&, Datsyuk, and Freshair for the West Coast leg of oOoOO‘s tour; we’ve got to say that this Summer is turning out to be filled with chill twerk and a way cleaner repertoire of shows than 2011 — that is, if you’re looking for legit, soul twisting silicon music. Is you?

We are, and after a week of bullshit at work (or chilling indoors too long), we’ll probably still say that you’ll want to take a relaxing hit of tobacco out of your bong, and release your steam here.


 oOoOO – Burnout eyess


Event Details

oOoOO [21+]
w/ Sahy Uhns, Blacks&, Datsyuk, and Freshair
Central SAPC
1348 14th St
Santa Monica, CA 90404
$10 presale / $12 @ door 


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