V-Nasty and Gucci Mane: 'Whip Appeal'

V-Nasty from the 35th

Whip appeal’s nice and all, but V-Nasty, do you.

Gucci Mane feat. V-Nasty – Whip Appeal

Gucci Mane and someone you already know will be releasing a mixtape called BAYTL before the year’s end, with whip appeal sure to make heads turn (at Gucci’s every vrooooooooooooom).

Whip appeal is nothing new to Stateside culture.

In this instance, V-Nasty’s insta-swag claim to fame is packaged with Gucci Mane’s need to keep afloat in a rap game that worked much differently (think Internet span of time) than when he debuted.

V-Nasty first turned heads when she bust onto the scene with Kreayshawn. Their White Girl Mob has since won over fans from all over the world, as a sort of do it yourself swag-me-the-fuck-out-funtime-fiesta. Honestly, I love it — the world’s a little less basic with swag.

But it’s like, Pokemon-level with how easy one resorts to saying swag; as if to cover up something not so true and real about themselves. I’ve already reached my swag limit for the day. If I say it anymore I’d Mos Def break.

Painted “white” in the rap game, V-Nasty speaks her mind.

Y’all need to be mad at this album I’m about to drop on yo ass, fuckin’ haters.”

People grow out of stereotypes. And get into new ones?

Regardless, Gucci seems content with his collaboration.

V-Nasty’s still learning. We all have a lot to learn, too.

She’s got work with a mixtape and various features under her belt. As always you’re the judge at the end of the day, and I merely the provider of these pixels before you.

But from hood to what’s good with Gucci, she now has the potential to do whatever she wants.

V-Nasty – Don’t Bite Just Taste

We can be hopeful.

Gucci Mane supports V-Nasty. Do you?

It's Gucci! (credit: Jason Persse via Flickr)

Like a lot of people, I want to hear a Gucci song where he’s not droning on through verses like he’s been there, done that.

I want to hear a V-Nasty song that transcends swaggin’. A lot to ask, but then again, this feature isn’t just for them.

We already know about the trap and the choppa and the mac.

These days it’s all about whip appeal — in every industry.

What will V-Nasty and Gucci Mane have to say on BAYTL?

V-Nasty featured photo credit: The Epic Network

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