Indie artists, just do you.

indie artists Brainiac doing what they do

Indie artists are tired of the things as they are.

Tired of taking shit from sleazy fast-talkers sitting fat on blood money, indie artists take their instruments to the unsung masses in the hopes that someone, somewhere will share their vision.

Why indie?

Whether you’ve made your acclaim from a trillion hits on a viral video or from vomiting your brains out in your parents’ basement. . .

. . .the fact of the matter is that you, in all your glory, are your own boss. And you’re willing to pay the cost to be indie.

Indie artists should not be confused with:
hipsters, studio gangsters, and holier-than-thou bloggers.

Tyler has the luxury of doing whatever he wants to promote his indie collective, Odd Future (Wolf Gang Kill Them All).

The hipster and friends, too ignorant to develop their true selves and quick to conform to whatever’s convenient, are very much unlike the artist who carefully crafts their sound.

Their feel.

Their air.

Their balls.

Be you a moombahtonian shoegazer or R&B horrorcrunk auto-crooner, indie artists never compromise their true voice for a convenient label and a corporate pat on the back.

Are you a young dog with using the same old tricks?

Despite having your own label gifted to you by the other end of your leash, buzz-worthiness and cross-promotional media jerk off does not mean you’re a tried-and-true indie artist.

What can you do for the sake of the audience ratings?

Lana Del Rey hustles dat ass

Breakbot’s “Make You Mine (feat. Irfane)” is an indie masterpiece made up of self-produced beats and hand-crafted visuals by Irina Dakeva

To be independent from the mainstream you must exude your greatest quality, which simply put, is yourself.

So, how do we define indie artists?

Moral of the story:
if you try to label anything, you’re doing it wrong.

The cost of being a tried and true indie artist comes at the cost of one’s realest expressions.

Indie artists are ever-changing and mindful of the impending stagnation that awaits if laziness is a means towards their goals.

Before you pick up that consider smoking that Wavves joint, ask yourself “WTF are indie bandsindie fashion, and all indie everything to me anyway?”

Indie artists are great at being themselves and that’s all anyone ever needs to fulfill.

indie artists featured photo credit: dropzero

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