Music Video: Brodinski ft. SD – “Can’t Help Myself”.

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We can all be real: In the US, Brodinski has basically been in the shadows, known more as a producer for artists, doing work for big personalities like Kanye and recently, setting up that sweet “Can’t Stop” track for Theophilus London (in collaboration with our sweetest Cheval bru, Canblaster).

Sure you like him on Facebook, but do you know v. much else about Brodinski?

No? I don’t blame you, though there are some pretty decent interviews available.

There’s not much out there. And by out there, I mean wiki-fucking-pedia doesn’t even have an English page dedicated to this beast of a man who hustles so hard. That’s probably going to change because the Bromance Records founder is set to release an album in 2015, and I’m sure he’s going to have our booties poppin’ with some grand tour along the way.

For now though, we’ve been graced with the sweet as fuck video for his single, “Can’t Help Myself”. If we want to confine him to a genre, let’s say, perhaps he’s the new refresh of French Touch. That low BPM, that chop, those slick – of what’s undoubtedly the sound of bad-ass Frenchies? Magic.

What do you think? Put your thoughts down in the comments below.

Anyways, check out the music video below, and someone fucking please translate that wiki-page.


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