Great news for Cursive fans wanting some of those nostalgic feels, with a big heaping serving of hi-def: A few days ago, Saddle Creek announced a new re-mastered version of Cursive’s huge & powerful 4th album, ‘The Ugly Organ’. Exciting stuff, especially if you’re a member of the “ancient” scene.

We didn’t expect much in terms of a full stream given that we’re dealing with Saddle Creek here, but they’ve gone ahead and slapped usin the face with a full listen of the whole re-release on AV CLUB. Which is where, y’know, you can listen to it, but we’re trying to also make it easier for you guys by putting the code here as well.

Without further ado — here’s a throwback for all the people relevant before the electronic scene took over everything from candy-kid muzak, to underground bedroom fantasies. If you don’t know wtf I’m talking about, or if you’re too young or uninitiated: Check out “The Recluse”, “Art is Hard”, and “Driftwood a Fairytale”.

Enjoy, and if you dig it, pre-order that piece of indie history over at Saddle Creek here.

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