Staying up for an 'Allnighter' with Contact Lens

Contact Lens

Contact Lens,
back with an Allnighter of gentlemanly groove.

Contact Lens – Salute to the Click

CL’s latest Allnighter mixtape is a nearly hour-long session of experimental other-Ohio music screwed, chopped, and slowed down just right for the fam.

Contact Lens 'Allnighter'

credit: Contact Lens via Tumblr

A couple words with Contact Lens

Contact Lens – Early Garden

Reuel: What were your inspirations for Allnighter?

Contact Lens: The only inspirations for this tape were DJ Screw’s Screw Tapes. I’ve basically got rid of all the other music I’ve been listening to and just been playing all his tapes. It put me in a place where I just want to make slow music. I have always liked slow music and that’s the kind of tracks I want to be producing right now.

Contact Lens – Bake

Reuel: 2K12 is here. Fuck 2K11. Do you feel like 2012 is becoming yours as predicted?

CL: Right now it is too early to tell but in my head I see something exciting happening. But we’ll see…

Contact Lens – Conc

Reuel: Any shout outs?

CL: Shout out to the homies Brandon Pasqual and GM Passas who are the few local supporters of my music, as well as the Cathy Ann Clan. Shout out to Donzelley for doing things big on the come up and shout out to everyone who listens to my music. I appreciate all of you, much love!


Contact Lens on Twitter

credit: Contact Lens via Twitter

Contact Lens’ beats range from dreamy and contemplative to slick and dashing. Whether you need a one minute loading-screen while waiting for the bus or a straight-up seven-minute chillout with your homies, CL has served it up with Allnighter.

Contact Lens – Hang With Me

Contact Lens’ Allnighter is available for download
(via SoundCloud and Bandcamp) on January 29th.

As he continues to fine-tune his sound, Sweetest Drip chills well knowing that this young Ohio producer is on his grind with one fine beat at a time. Keep a spot reserved for Contact Lens in your indie playlist.

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