Beyond the Shoegaze: Shantelle

Shantelle: (emerging) Indie Powerhouse

Shantelle – Unamonos

Shantelle is not just another Shoegaze band.

From the vibrant but somewhat-under-the-radar Tijuana scene, Shantelle has captured a loyal following and they’re coming to greater recognition in the indie-sphere.

Shantelle originated about 10 years ago as Eric Curiel’s solo project . In 2003 he was joined by Julio Pillado and Shantelle, the band, was born.

Shantelle – Otto Y Ana (en vivo acustico en Radio Bulbo)

After some changes on the line-up the 4 member band is currently formed by: Julio Pillado (vocals, guitar, and bass), Eric Curiel (guitar, bass, sampler), Gabriel Duprat (keyboard, bass, production), and David Bravo (drums). The latter 2 of Ibi Ego fame.

Shantelle’s influences range from Krautrock to Post Pop, from Indie Electro to Psychedelia. Their sound, soaked in over 3 decades of musical influences, is constantly evolving, giving it a distinct anachronistic quality.

Shantelle – Llevame

They seem chill.

The songs take you through a varied musical landscape showcasing Shantelle’s affinity for Shoegaze, noise pop, indie and psychedelic rock, and indie-tronica, as well as their experimental touch.

Despite all the varied musical influences they maintain their pop sensibilities without losing any of their more raw, indie rock sound – and I think this really sets them apart from the rest.

Their sound is an interplay between lighter and darker musical notes fighting for hegemony but immediately coalescing into eclectic songs that not only produce a sense of awe but also a somewhat bittersweet feeling.

In short, Shantelle has <3 + Soul

Shantelle – Hoy Y Mañana

Shoegazin' Hard

All the members of Shantelle are “veterans” to the TJ indie music scene.

They all come from or are involved in other creative projects and I think this is what really gives Shantelle an edge over other bands.

Putting aside that their scene could arguably be called a bit insular (though not by choice), the impact Shantelle has had on the scene has been HUGE.

They have been called TJ’s best band and it is obvious why:

Shantelle is a game changer.

featured images via Shantelle’s SoundCloud and Facebook

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