Play some Lapalux when you’re chillin’ hardcore

Lapalux – Gutter Glitter

Preparing fans for his When You’re Gone EP, Lapalux (aka Stuart Howard) has signed with Brainfeeder for real life mind-blowing sounds available February 7th. Howard has a talent for weaving together pitch-bent vocals with layers of cosmic beats and soothing synths.

All of which are perfect for the weary soul after a shit day at work/life, like a quick kiss to get you back on track.

Lapalux – Quick Kiss

credit: Meg Sharp

Many who get into Howard’s aesthetic feel that his experimental touch fits right at home with the new Brainfeeder mates.

Lapalux has a history of messing around on cassette tapes as heard on the Forest EP. Followed by a sold-out cassette tape release of the Many Faces Out Of Focus EP, it seems that Howard’s music has evolved to something truly memorable for listeners now and far off into the future.

Over the past year, there has been much praise for remixes as much as his original works. The ‘bootleg remix’ of Musiq Soulchild’s So Beautiful is Lapalux’s take on a slow, pitch-screwed song bursting with notes of something bittersweet.

Under Howard’s care, Astrid Williamson’s Dance is a perfect slowed-down futuristic love song appreciated by those who like to get super ‘heady’ with their music experience.


Astrid Williamson – Dance (Lapalux remix)

Lapalux comes through sounding fresh, every time.

Glitchy, down-tempo haziness with a side of experimental future-beat? Sonorous astral-bliss dripping out the mouths of pitch-screwed sirens? Whatever labels work for you, know that Lapalux will take you anywhere from level 1 baby-chill to level 11 hardcore Zen with every listen.


credit: Meg Sharp

Get comfortable at the Brainfeeder website. Soon enough February 7th will be here and you’ll have a great opportunity to get some top-shelf R&R courtesy of Lapalux.

Lapalux – Yellow 90’s

When You’re Gone, Lapalux will keep you floating.

images courtesy of Alex Clapworthy via Pictures Music
feature photo credit: Meg Sharp

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