Simply Trill: August 2, 2012

o so that's what u mean

pshooooooooooooo simpy trill psheeeeeeeeeeeeew Kinda missed out on a couple Simply Trills, but hopefully this makes up for lost time, my beautiful dancing bbs.

Today’s all about keepin’ it tru.

P.S. I’ll let you in on a lil secret:

Sweetest Drip made two new friends: Honey Goo and Lil Peace Treaty. Come back on Friday and Saturday pls~

Please treat them kindly おねがいします

01. Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)

This lil thang comes by way of FOOL’S GOLD CLUBHOUSE VOL 2. Belated shout-out to A-Trak for the real words: Don’t Push My Buttons. They rang tru with me so I hope they do with uuu too!

Don’t think I need to talk much about Flosstradamus and Baauer today; you know we’re comfy in da trap 2gether. Their music makes it that much more cozy doe. Just gonna rollup right hya…

02. SPOONZ – Space Steppin’

This one’s for all da real hard werkers at the clubs, bars, dancehalls, churches, Olympic stadiums, news stations world wide. Juke’s natural BPM might be a lil too trippy for some. Space Steppin’ is expert level for sure. I believe if you learn to werk with what you’ve got I’m sure you can step your way to space in no time. A totally happy & healthy thing to do~~

Truly excellent werk, SPOONZ!

03. Brenmar & DJ Sliink – Bait

The only werk you should worry about is yo footwork.

PROTIP: You think you don’t know what Jersey Club and Chicago Juke music is, but you’ll learn soon enough. These boys are bringing it back 100%, full flags flying.

04. LiL TExAS – Come Off It

Title: Come Off It

Sample: Three 6 Mafia’s Who Run It 

Analysis: 2 real

The footwork has been laid out. Are u bad enough to run it?

Or is your mouth doing the work yo feets gotta do O SHI-

05. Trap Arnold – Tru

U gotta be brave. U gotta be bold. U gotta be wiser.

In order to trust yo bru/honey, u gotta be tru 2.

damn son

trust – st = tru
tru + real = trill

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