A new week and a new Spönge to soak up da wettest music videos drippin’ out your fiberoptics.

There’s no need to feel forever alone as long as you can decipher the secret code of the Internetworks.

Gonna go to Lola’s house tonight, wanna leave a virtual hug for her?

Get it right, keep it tight 
♥ Sweetest Drip

01. LOL Boys feat. Heart Streets – Changes

Do u know what your child does behind locked doors? Friends of Friends’ LOL Boys recently released their music video for Changes, which is sufficient proof to concerned parents worldwide that your lil Internet Explorers aren’t necessarily wasting their lives away on porn and Tumblr.

Instead, we’re doin’ big thangz like grooming ourselves with our webcams, dancing AND producing in the bedroom, and most importantly instigating true change unlike certain people with certain power that are 2 scared to make a difference in da real world.

PROTIP: Everything, and I mean everything, represented by Friends of Friends is a good start for some nice changes in your life. Listen to the beat of our generation, for your health!

02. Birdy Nam Nam – Cadillac Dreams

Count on Birdy Nam Nam to deliver their music 100% on the aesthetic/production level. In addition to having a DMC World Team championship under their belt, the four Frenchbrus’ latest Jaded Future EP was released on the Skrillex’s label OWSLA. Cadillac Dreams mos definitely caught my eyes and ears because there’s no denying Sweetest Drip’s love for forward-thinking beats set to simply trill mantras.

Hit the switch, visualize. If you can’t, maybe some FADER analysis can help ya out:

Directed by The Great Nordic Sword Fights, it’s like a hidden mission of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where someone slips CJ psychedelics and asks him to recruit gang members to dance the Hava Nagila. It’s bizarre, sure, but kind of beautiful; even toting oversized handguns, everybody gets along.

PROTIP: If The Great Nordic Sword Fights sounds familiar to you, it’s because they also directed TV Dream by Groundislava & Clive Tanaka.

03. TNGHT – Bugg’n

There’s no doubt about the infectious nature of music. DJs, producers, blogs, and yo momma hustle all sorts of concepts that people like you and I tweak/geek-out on every day. You work with these people, you service these people, you deal with these people. But have you ever twerk’d with ’em?

General consensus is that you’re Bugg’n if you don’t vibe with TNGHT. I fucks with it (ask me why). DAMN even Elmo’s on dat TNGHT drank. Tickle me silly, but is it too soon to say that the lil bb girl in the video will consider a career in all things trill when she grows up?

Watch the video. Listen 2 da music. Bow down to the dream team that is Lunice x Hudson Mohawke.

04. TeamSupreme Vol. 16

If you’re not yet keen to their weekly beat cyphers, TeamSupreme has 16 reasons to move you. Here’s a lil info to get you in da loop:

Every week a different producer picks two samples and a BPM. The files get passed around, and everybody has roughly 1 hour to use the guidelines and make a beat. Cyphers drop Mondays.

TeamSupreme consistently fires off 3-point game-changers from half-court. My personal Vol. 16 shoutouts go to the dream team that is Great Dane, .anansi, Snorlax, Kendo, and Kenny Segal. Their back-to-back cyphers shatter the glass and incites street riots for sure. God bless the airhorn.

05. Kap Bambino – Devotion [Benoît Aubert Vers.]

Howard: Some of us aging scenesters are bewildered and lost, scrambling for familiarity in a post-genre world, asking non-relevant but hard-probing questions like, “What the fuck happened to bangers?”  Is our brand of fierce, artistic and voguish electro gone 4evr?!

When I look around and see mellow fucks instead of leathered-out Parliament lickers, it makes me respond with: Yeh, but thx brus, never intended to look like a yuppy kid living the punk lifestyle all my lyf. It’s better for beautiful things to end abruptly than be dragged-on and looking all dimmy later.

American comedians, take your queues mangs. Stop clinging onto “bits” (that shits so baby boomer) and learn to deal with real shit by going on variety/reality + save TV. Plz.

Also, there are always les classiques, like Kap Bambino, holding down that fort just fine. Up top is Benoît Aubert’s submission to the Kap Bambino/Genero.tv music video contest. Holding the coo-mang themes of nighttime insanity, golf clubs & flannel jackets, this video has a lot to say, and I’m going to take it as a non-Buddhist version of 3-Iron, because I can.

Also sick slides toward ultra-violence. It’s been a while.

o wau music videos

r u in control of ur onlyf (online lyf / one lyf)?


Hopefully you’ve wasted plenty of time frying your brains wif inspiration on 2day’s Spönge bb’s. Catch more next week, and drop us a line if you think your video will make our nips slip.

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