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2 all the Sweetest supporters: Thanks for coming back and keeping up with your brus at Sweetest Drip. We’re shaping up a thicker posting schedule, though I was supposed to publish this yesterday and yyyyyyeeeeeeaa

Really doe, there are some new things to look out for. No need for $bills at this luv-u-long-time full-body media massage parlor. Did u have a good time? Please share cool stories with us.

To all the people who kinda forgot how they got here: Maybe you’ve been surfin’underdainfluence. Maybe a nice friend recommended you to slip through. Maybe you don’t know what I’m saying :<

TRANSLATORS NOTE: We invite you chill with us during your spare time whilst enjoying a gentlemane’s collection of rare Internet eccentricities and worldy, inspirational werks.

01. David Douglas – California Poppy (Solar Bears Remix)

Dunno if u noticed, but I tried my best to chill out as hard as I could this weekend. It was definitely successful with help from this track right hya! California Poppy is like a gently push back into bed for a much needed pre-dailygrind cuddling. While you’re there, imagine yourself floating upon a bed of lush flora knowing that da real world is here and now. Solar Bears have consistently delivered with their last couple of remixes for the likes of Keep Shelly In Athens, How To Dress Well, and Young Montana? The same goes for their latest touch on David Douglas’ California Poppy.

Solar Bears’ music is that beautiful bond of nature~technology by a special cosmic glue called inspirationEverything under the sun influences Solar Bears, and with every one of their releases it’s as if we’re witnessing a musical micro-evolution in response to Western pop music’s now-quantified stagnation (according to recently published studies by some research-bros).

Or if you’re just tryna chill and not read all that like me (lol), trees will definitely help you out. I checked out David Douglas‘ debut EP, Royal Horticulture instead! If you enjoy photosynthesis-based real talk:

David Douglas (1983) is a Dutch producer of electronic music. David Douglas (1799) was a Scottish plant hunter who explored North America collecting seeds of plants and trees unknown to mankind at that time. Inspired by the Scottish botanist David started looking for his own musical seeds. The greatness of nature – the sublime mountain landscapes, Icelandic lupine fields, arctic coastlines, Californian fir forests – invigorate his music.

02. MVSCLES – where you are

MVSCLES’ made a sweet lil song for all the trying-2-find-myself-ers out there. Where you are is an excellent example of homebrewed FVTURE-pop anthems (PROTIP: it was mastered by Trap Arnold), though:

Shoutout to skeptics who question buzz-acts like MVSCLES who gain critical acclaim pop out of nowhere.

Wherever you are; this is where you are. You don’t need Master’s-level insight to guide you on this one. Learn to werk with what you’ve got and let it all out. When no one’s doing it right, DIY. No matter how much you blame the State of the Union, The Weeknd, or your dog for eating your creativity, always remember there’s always a hard-working yung trillionaire a couple trap-houses down the street cookin’ up the next highly-bloggable beats.

Kinda side note: I vote TRILL as 2012’s word of the year because if you’re true and real with yourself and your passions, you too can become blogworthy. Here’s to a trill future! Trill trill trill

MVSCLES, thanks for flexin’ where you are 🙂

03. Blood Diamonds feat. Grimes – Phone Sex (Jensen Sportag Remix)

Depending on who you are, there might be something inside you (it’s hard to explain) while listening to Phone Sex. Uh

O~ I’ve fallen (back on my bed in a sexy pose) and I can’t get up because of leaving Pure Wet and The Wet Mix on repeat.

04. Flying Lotus – lamentedmix3 Instrumental

Speaking of quickies, you can do a lot in a minute 40 seconds.


-The Venerable Flying Lotus

05. DBSK – Heart, Mind and Soul (Zora Jones Bootleg)

Still can’t get over seeing trillest love-duo Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones throw down real, future-friendly shit last Thursday c/o Liquid Geometry.

Also, it’s almost 6AM and the hypnotic booty gif is making me

think of

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