Things To Do San Diego: Liquid Geometry @ Kava Lounge

wau looks like fun things to doWhen you think of music that’s forward-thinking, do you imagine some stunning crooner-bro whose lubed-up nude body slides ever-so-gently into a mosh pit of well-groomed coolguys while singing in an auto-tuned falsetto about deep space exploration?

Do you think of Lana Del Rey? Uh.


In the big bad world of 2012 music, bloggers use safe words like forward-thinking because it’s hard for most people to look each other in the eyes and get a grounded feel for the person behind the persona. Seems like most people are afraid to get blacklisted from xxclusive VIP lists and game-changing collabos.

Many bright ‘n shining stars on the path to winning cheat people already duped by daily nonsense by carbon-copying unchill bros and adopting #trending lyfstyles in the pursuit of amassing excessive amounts of fuck you money to further spread banal, quadruple-distilled ideologies.

What if you’re just a chill guy/gal simply trying to expand your horizons?

What happens when you’ve got a super-supportive environment of like-minded locals that help bring out the best of you? Can’t find something like that in yo hood? Might I suggest a collective that’s really forward-thinking?  Ask your personal Scotty to beam your sweetest lil ass to Liquid Geometry.

Let me put it this way: if ever a slice of Wednesday night Low End Theory pie in LA isn’t enough for your appetite; consider helping yourself to a wholesome bowl of 100% San Diego-grown creativity.

If you attend one of their Thursday night residencies at Kava Lounge, you’ll find a crowd open to all things low-end and experimental, raw and edgy. The DJs and live artists who come together to showcase original work at Liquid Geometry exhibit levels of trill only measurable by the telltale reddish-glow on everyone’s sweating, smiling faces.

MORRI$ – Faded Off

Which was the case last Thursday. Alongside headliner MORRI$ on the Liquid Geometry handbill was Misk, DJ Ill Spectre, Strangr, and Jalen. Since MORRI$ had been getting a lot of praise from the Sweetest Drip OG fam along with many blogs we follow (and since I never seem to be able to make it past the line for Low End Theory), I stepped out of da traphouse ready to check out some of the world’s yung trillionaires at heart in my backyard.

After setting up a tab for proper pints of turnup juice, my ears tuned into Jalen who was in the middle of throwing down a Memphis rap classic: Lil Noid’s Load My Clipa recent forever-on-repeat favorite of mine. Unfortunately it was cut short due to technical issues. Cool story: These issues didn’t kill the night and result in some over-the-top blog war/hissy-fit street fight.

With today’s popular music, electronic dance music being the recent culprit, many feel the call to become the next (insert your personal EDM savior here) and will do just about anything to get their personal brand etched in your brain. Sure they’ll know how to string together a perfect set of Hype Machine-certified bangers, but they’ll mask imperfection with shit like pyrotechnics and other cake-throwing/alcohol-dousing antics as opposed to spending more time in the local circuit and honing in on what makes them a beautiful bb individual.

Needless to say that Jalen’s set was far from perfect, but that’s a big part of Liquid Geometry’s charm. He was very shy and openly apologetic about mistakes that would’ve caused less-sympathetic crowds to crucify (insert your personal EDM savior here). However, young high-schooler Jalen ended on a positive note by proudly replaying his own track that he dropped earlier on in the set, much to the down-to-earth 21+ crowd’s support.

Kava Lounge is a perfect place to hold an ever-evolving collective like Liquid Geometry, now two years in the making.

Maybe their mission statement will tell you another cool story bro:

Making a conscious effort in promoting cultural unity through music, art & dance.

Not to mention it’s definitely easy to chill out when the night’s festivities (drinks, cover at the door, a pack of cigs — you know, ça plane pour moi) cost no more than a Jackson.

Last Thursday was also Misk’s official release for The Twacked EP, an amazing take on the whole tripped-out-future-trap-beat movement. These wholly organic and experimental EPs from Liquid Geometry regulars like Misk that have attracted artists like Groundislava, Jerome of LOL Boys, and tonight’s headliner Sinjin Hawke to play at Kava Lounge.

Misk – The Twacked EP

But before MORRI$ hopped on deck, Liquid Geometry organizer Corey Howard took the mic and had the room gather ’round for a virtual 40-pour in honor of one of the main reasons for the collective’s being, HM.T DM.T (pronounced Humpty Dumpty). San Diegans and all other Sweetest neighbors, tonight is definitely the night to head over to Kava Lounge if you’ve yet to check it out. In addition to a listening party to honor local legend HM.T DM.T’s birthday, the first 100 people get a free download code for his posthumous release Sex Dungeon: Ins and Outs Enforced. Details here:

Sinjin Hawke, Zora Jones, Sleeve↓, Mastah Syphe, Kurly Burrito [21+]
Liquid Geometry @ Kava Lounge
2812 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101
$5 before 10pm ($10 after) / doors @ 9pm

Rewinding a bit, MORRI$ went beyond DiGiornos and delivered a set that was 100% WHERE’D YOU FIND THIS? music as indicated by the twerker to wallflower ratio. I walked in last Thursday wearing one of my favorite shirts that says SLOW & STEADY 77BPM, well aware that I was there to enjoy certified hood classics at more twerkable BPMs. The set was so hard that I tired myself out and went home early doe :<

Other cool notes, slick drinks, and recommendations:

HM.T DM.T – Sex Dungeon Ins And Outs Enforced (SNIPPETS)

Kava Lounge suggests that you drink outside the box by serving:

  • Organic beer and wine with ten of the best local micro brews on tap (usually $5)
  • Exotic cocktails and martinis made with fresh fruit and natural ingredients
  • Restorative non-alcoholic elixirs and organic teas

Last week I met a nicebro who was anticipating MORRI$’ set as much as I was. We got to talking about where to find San Diego’s beat scene since it was his first time checking out Liquid Geometry. All I could tell him was that he was already at the right place at the right time and that I’d meet him here next week (which means tonight lol).

So lemme ask you again: when you think of the term forward-thinking music, do you imagine some cool bro playing Moonlight Sonata on a melodica using his ass and forehead? Who cares, have fun.


Liquid Geometry photo credit: Jaryl Cabuco Photography

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