Indie Playlist: August 6, 2012

nothing happier in the galaxy than a laughing Teal'c

Did your weekend fare better with a Lil Peace Treaty in your pocket and drop ‘o Honey Goo 4 u?

It’s all about sharing with your neighbors and then giving more back to yourself. And then if u reaaaaallly like it, that’s when real magic happens.

You know, how like Yung Rover Curiosity landed on Mars and mankind focused on some Stargate shit together (pls)…

Shoutouts, love, +1s, and *sigh* I guess paper — whatever your currency, Sweetest Drip takes it and sprays it back with interest.

Accept these audiobooks if becoming a trillionaire moneyshotcaller on your own volition interests you.

01. Kilo Kish – Watergun

Don’t worry parental champions; lil boy/girl is taking full advantage of today’s Internet climate. Kilo Kish is all grown up (shoutouts 2 all da yung Squirtles ‘n Blastoids) with the help of The Internet’s production-savvy. A slick summer song for people who believe in youth.

If you find yourself in one of these ‘hoods, check out Kilo Kish on tour with The Internet’s Syd The Kid and SBTRKT!

8/7 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s
8/8 Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall
8/10 Toronto, ON – Mod Club
10/11 New York City – Terminal 5 with SBTRKT
10/14 Los Angeles – Club Nokia with SBTRKT & Syd The Kid

02. Chris Malinchak feat. Damon C. Scott – These Dreams

Got lots of dreams, just need the right stuff to achieve them~~

Starting the week off with a track this fresh definitely inspires trill greatness. Whether or not nu-disco’s your thang, it’s a style always inviting and oh-so-ready for you to vibe hard with it.

Maybe you’ll get an idea or two for your space yacht dreamz while hangin’ out with trubros at French Express.

03. Bondax – You’re So (Star Slinger Refix)

I haven’t forgotten about the lords of eccentric dance parties. Like them I hope to send booty-bouncin’ trillwaves to every corner of the world.

I’m waitin’ on u to say da words~ So much lovin’~ Just lookin’ 4 u~

04. Jonwayne feat. Azizi Gibson, Quelle, Jeremiah Jae, and Scoop Deville – Night School

If you find yourself with a playlist with over 50% sad songs, maybe giving Night School a listen will get you to up that count to 50% #positive songs instead! Check out the excellent writeup at FRSH SLCTS where I originally found this gem!

05. HM.T DM.T + PuppyKicker + Sleeve↓ Master Destruckto (Browse Remix)

Just tryna get in tune with the cosmos everyday. Liquid Geometry is home to many of these kinda tunes, especially if you don’t know where in da Milky f’in Way to start!

My remix of the unreleased track Master Destrukto, the original was written by three amazing friends and San Diego producers: HM.T DM.T + Puppy Kicker FREE TUNES! + Sleeve↓

It’s a nice listen since Browse made the atmosphere comfy for friends and loved ones.

listen 2 this indie playlist while chillin' with a Martian sunset

Hope to chill in new horizons wichu, always.

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