Massive Releases This Week: Mr Oizo, SBTRKT, RL GRIME

New tracks and albums from some of the biggest names in "insert label here"

It’s been a massive week for releases/previews, making the Sweetest Fam look forward to the rest of Turkey Month aka Cheap Plastic Shit Buying Frenzy via Trampling Old Ladies month.

PS: I’m writing this hungover, so bear with me here if it doesn’t make sense.

1. SBTRKT Releases 6 Unnamed/Unknown Tracks

sbtrkt sits in for benji on bbc radio 1

Flashy producer SBTRKT sat in for Benji B on BBC Radio 1, gracing us with a massive 3 hour set. Inbetween better known favorites, there were six unreleased SBTRKT songs without titles — following the on-going trend of artists giving us a sample of their work through the magic that is British Radio. Click on the image above or here to check it out. As always, you only have 4 weeks to listen in on this before BBC takes it down, so cop it asap if this is your thing. (Scroll down to select the songs once you get to the page).


2. Mr Oizo Releases ‘The Church’

There’s a lot to be said about French producers moving on from their country to work in the US — mainly that it doesn’t seem to happen as much as it did back in the heydays of Yoostus and Uffie(zi), so hearing that Mr Oizo signed up with LA-based, Flying Lotus label Brainfeeder generated a lot of buzz for people who still love the sound and innovation of that era. Mr Oizo doesn’t disappoint with The Church. It goes in so hard. Question: Who else from France would you love to see come and work in LA? Like it? Cop The Church here.


3. RL GRIME finally releases his first album titled ‘Void’

WeDidIt Collective has been on everyone’s radar here in LA since its inception, and the crew is looking formidable and clean everyday. Overall anything WeDidIt touches seems to reek of straight-up frosty gold. Void keeps it pretty true and real overall with a full 12 tracks to enjoy at your banging leisure. Go buy it here. PS if you’re reading this in early/mid-november, make sure to come party with everyone at their secret show the day before Thanksgiving. We’ll be there. We just won’t tell you that it’s us. ‘Cause balls touching.

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