Sweetest Interview: Ibi Ego (Part II)

Hey! Thnx for making it, this is part II of the Q&A sesh with Ibi Ego.

This time around You, David, and Gabriel get into their music making process, talk about chippytunes, videogames, and 80’s synth, and get real deep about their local indie scene. As promised, here it is:

Roddy: What’s Ibi Ego’s dynamic like for making music? Do you all get together and decide on ideas or does one person come up with an idea and the others contribute?

David: Usually You or myself  bring in a song (which can be chords and vocal melodies) and then Gabriel builds upon that constructing beats and crafting the overall sound that is Ibi Ego

You: The dynamic may vary, depending on the song. There are songs in our upcoming record that we have rescued from the past and modified, but usually it all starts with a riff that someone has or the melody of a song and than everyone contributes to form a finished song.

Ibi Ego – Spy

Gabriel: David and You are the amazing songwriters behind Ibi Ego’s music. You writes all the lyrics and I focus more on arrangement and production aspects, but it’s pretty much a collective effort in the sense that there aren’t any fixed roles.

This time around we worked mostly like this: David or You would bring in an idea for a song and I would try to record an initial version of it, or make some basic beats or synth sequences for it.  After that we would all get together and gradually build on it in the computer.

In the past we used to work more like a regular rock band were we would kind of jam out the song into shape. But this record was completely different cause most of it was electronic based and we ended up developing the whole thing “in the box.”


David Bravo, Gabriel Duprat, and You Schaffner (credit: Jason Thomas Fritz)


Roddy: Best show you guys have played so far and why?

You: Our last show we did with Beach Fossils. I feel that the crowd was really into us and we sounded like pros.

David: Our last show in December with Beach Fossils was awesome like You said. I also really loved a gig we did a couple of years ago in a friend’s house, it was a small show in benefit of Marla, a friend of ours who had been diagnosed with cancer at the time.

Gabriel: Last October in NY’s Salon Hecho was my favorite, I don’t know if we really played at our best but we had a great reaction and the entire experience was amazing. We had the most welcoming and just insanely nice hosts and we made some really awesome friends.

Ibi Ego – Hookie @ Posada AMF 2011


Roddy: What are you guys listening to lately individually/collectively?

David: Boy Friend (Egyptian Wrinkle) and Beacon (No Body EP)

You: I haven’t downloaded anything for a while. I’ve been listening to some all time favorites 8 bit electro and pop music from the 90’s.

Gabriel: New stuff I’m listening to would be Alex Anwandter and a couple of other Chilean acts. But for the most part I’m kinda stuck on a lot of the older stuff that I like:  Kate Bush, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths. . . you know, good old, non-ironic 80’s stuff.

Ibi Ego – Hookie

Roddy: What are the top three influences for Ibi Ego (not limited to other bands and/or music)?

David: 80’s synth scores.

You: Chiptunes, believe it or not.

Gabriel: More than chiptunes I’d say 16-bit era videogames in general. Also technology, more specifically lo-fi, DIY technology, and cheap old synthesizers.

David Bravo, You Schaffner, and Gabriel Duprat are Ibi Ego

(credit: Jason Thomas Fritz)

Roddy: There is this video from 2011 that asked “if an indie scene exists in TJ?” David responded by saying (and I’m paraphrasing here):

“Yes, it does exist but it has diminished a little bit. . . there’s not a lot of support, people don’t really support it, they think concerts (tocadas) are a thing of the past. . .”

Do you all still think that’s the case or have things changed (even if a little bit)?

David: Yes, the scene is getting more organized with people like All My Friends, Melomaniaco, Campo Abierto, and others setting up great shows. The bands are also working harder on promoting themselves. I would say over all there’s a lot less apathy.

You: I’ve always said the same thing, a scene will always exist, for the only reason a city exists. Tijuana has always been kinda weird that way, it’s a border and people are always coming and going, and that definitely has an effect on music; it’s influenced by different origins and cultures. I think bands now are focusing on getting themselves heard by using Internet platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

Ibi Ego – I Wanna Be Adored

Gabriel: I think the scene is where it’s always been: a small but very rich musical scene. And the problems have pretty much always been the same: we’re very disorganized, we’re not very proactive when it comes to self-promotion and on top of it all we tend to become segregated by cliques.

For the last couple of years we’ve sat and watch as promoters turn the local scene into mainly a party/DJ scene. We’ve all bitched about it, but as bands we haven’t really done much to change that.

What is changing now is that with new generations of promoters coming along (I’m talking about people like AMF), there’s a renewed interest not just in local live acts but also in injecting new life to the Tijuana scene by bringing in interesting bands from abroad. Also, not doing it just to fill seats or make a buck — doing it for a genuine interest in enriching Tijuana’s musical experience. Another cool thing is that musical movements like Ruidosón have sparked new outside interest in whats going on musically in our city and that’s something that benefits all of us regardless if we’re part of that movement or not.


Kinda dark yall

(credit: Mariana Bello)

Roddy: What can fans expect to see from Ibi Ego in 2012?

David: Our debut album and some touring.

You: Our new record will be coming out soon, were also releasing a couple of videos.

Gabriel: Hopefully we’ll get to work on new exciting stuff since most of our songs out there are a couple years old 🙂

Ibi Ego is pretty chill and they keeps it real.

It’s always refreshing to see a band that knows what’s up, is serious but doesn’t take itself TOO seriously, and yeah, makes dope music.

Thnxxx Ibi Ego! Sweetest Drip <3’s u x 1000000000000000000!

featured image credit: Jason Thomas Fritz

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