Indie Playlist Monday: March 26, 2012

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01. MIL3¥ $3RI•VS – ♒ DOYOUF33LWET ♒

Reuel: Chivas Regal really w h e t my appetite this weekend. Thanks anon party benefactor!

02. Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer

Reuel: Just wna slow thangs ↓ con mis mujeres. Nico’s playing tonight at the Echoplex.

03. Seams – Focus Energy

Reuel: Though Focus Energy has been out since 2011, I feel this track is too good to let it slip under your radar (and I bet Pictures Music felt the same way uploading it on SoundCloud today).

04. Simian Mobile Disco – Cerulean

Reuel: SMD comin’ thru with that cooled down audio/visual minimalistica. Their forthcoming Unpatterns album will be released on UK indie label, Wichita Recordings.

05. S.K.A.M. – Outside The Box (Homework Perspective)

Roddy: Homework reworks this track with some heavy drums, percussion, and a different bass style (Roland 303) – mosdef a fresh perspective from the Dutch duo!

06. YAYAYI – 333%

Reuel: Thanks to diggin’ at EARMILK, I’ve been enjoying one of the most G tracks I’ve heard in a while! Hailing from “North Korea, South Korea” YAYAYI hid himself behind a shroud of e-secrecy months ago before releasing 333%. From what I can tell, there’s little to no info on the artist other than a message on SoundCloud:

PART333% yayayayay original is 333% of this. ya feel me bitch. pornstars gone hate. . . amateurporngodcummingsoonkoreanroomsalon.

07. Ben Browning – Lover Motion EP

Roddy: Ben Browning of Cut Copy fame has an EP out: Lover Motion. It’s an easy and pleasant listen; you get some retro sounds intermixed with Cut Copy flair — good overall.

08. Le Nonsense – 5 Minutes Tutti Frutti Flavour

Reuel: Please, no stoppin’

09. The Superman Lovers – Say No More (Jupiter Remix)

Reuel: Say no more, it’s clear that Jupiter’s remixes are always something of note. It’s available today on The Superman Lovers’ Fantasma Disco EP released today at all the usual places.

10. Boy Crisis – L’Homme

Reuel: You can’t go wrong with a) eau de swagger b) an ultra qt bb and c) Bollywood x candy-flipping visual treatment.

We’ll be sure to keep your seat warm and the groove intact until next week’s indie playlist — Sweetest Drip got yer back.

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