[Ticket Giveaway] Slow Magic, The New Division, French Cassettes at Central SAPC 06/08

Slow Magic bandcamp photo

If you’re a fan of sexy, mind-massaging chill music, hopefully you know that much blogged about Slow Magic has a show on Friday at The Central SAPC with up-and-comers The New Division and French Cassettes. Are you excited to take your ass to a sweet show? We are — especially because we have two pairs of tickets to giveaway for you lucky sound mavens. But to get you in the mood first, check out Feel Flows by Slow Magic:

Slow Magic – Feel Flows

Slow Magic, self-proclaimed imaginary friends who specialize in more dreamwavey vibes, have been on tour with acts like Teen Daze and Giraffage, playing the kind of tunes that lull anyone into the chillest stupor before guiding you into doing some sexy, slow & purposeful hip-thrusts (N’mean?). Over the past few moments of our lives, you’re sure to have run upon their remixes and originals multiple times, BECAUSE THEY’RE GOOD. Check out their Facebook here.

Accompanying said slow’d magicks is The New Division and French Cassettes. The New Division draws influence from Joy Division, New Order, and Depeche Mode; using features and sounds from those groups, this band creates their own unique approach to music with such 80s greats acting as their backbone. French Cassettes trades synths for the ol’ reliable analog instruments, feeling at home in a tight-knit four-piece indie band of bros who’ve been making music together since their high school days in San Francisco.

French Cassettes – Mouth Drum

Currently pre-sale tickets are $5 HERE, but we’re also giving away two pairs of tickets to the show! If you’re 21+, fill out the form below. Winners will be announced through Facebook on Wednesday, June 6 so make sure to like our page to see the results!

Future Unlimited – Golden (The New Division Remix)


Friday July 8, 2012
Slow Magic, The New Division, and French Cassettes @ Central SAPC [21+]
1348 14th St. Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tickets: $5 pre-sale / $10 at door
Enter Our Giveaway Below:

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