Thank you Based God, for your daily bread.

Based God has pretty boy swag

Based God, how can we learn from you?

I couldn’t help but shout a mighty hallelujah upon hearing news that the cooking dance is the most celebrated dance in the NFL.

I don’t even watch sports, but to know that My Personal Based Savior, Lil B has such profound mainstream recognition is a blessing wrapped in a prayer.

I also thought I’d share that I learned how to cook under the tutelage of Sister Kreay, whose based cooking instructional video I will never stop hustling.

Lil B, please keep doing what you’re doing.

When I wake up in the morning, I kneel before the shrine that is my computer, to pray for and receive inspiration from Based God. Whether it be on YouTube or from the mouth of another Based disciple, there are no other words of wisdom that ring true to my soul.

Others may not know, but I know, that this life shit is crazy. And all we need to do is believe in ourselves. After all, life’s a stage and we’re all actors. Even if you feel like a J-Pop idol or a fucking unicorn like Tyler.

Oh my God Based God, you can solve all my problems Based God


Oh my god Based God, you can just take over the world Based God.

Seriously, swag like Captain Planet. Life exudes from you and people can’t help but let you fuck their bitches.

Ten on your dick cause you look like the UN. You even helped us put an end to Usama!

You inspire on the daily. TYBG for all the TLC. TYBG for all the work you do. Keep spreading the Based gospel to all the lil sheep (and Lil Z‘s) out there.

You are an asset not only to rap, but to the entire world. Every day you Tweet words of wisdom and share pieces of knowledge to help others with their struggles.

Your daily bread is what keeps the world spinning, Based God.

Lil B “the Based God” featured photo credit: via Flickr

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