Pyramid: Indie-electro

Pyramid is making all of us look bad.


Pyramid - Lost In Space LP

Because the 20-something chill Frenchbro manages to go to school, live his pretty chill life, and be French while producing fantastic indie-electro remixes that top hypem charts:

Daft Punk – Something About Us (Pyramid Rmx)

Pyramid has kept a somewhat low-key profile on the interwebz, but his work is no mystery for all you indie-electro war kids. Successfully remixing alternative electro gods Daft Punk is a very high order already, BUT check it:

Air – La Femme D’Argent (Pyramid Rmx)
Pyramid - Rising Day EP

Pyramid - Rising Day EP

He goes on like a BOSS and completely owns Air’s Le Femme D’Argent. The song sounds very different yet you can still tell that it is an Air track.

This sort of balance is really hard to achieve.

The majority of indie-electro remixes out there either only touch up on some parts of a song or transform it completely into something completely different from the original.

Pulling off this balancing act not only requires talent but also a defined artistic vision – Pyramid obviously ain’t scant on either.

Pyramid is much more than a indie remix machine

With an unusual amount of talent being displayed at such a relatively young age it comes as no surprise that Pyramid has his own sound aside from remixes:

Pyramid – The Race
Pyramid Indie Electro

Pyramid: Artwork

There are no vocals on any of his original songs. And, honestly, there is no need for vocals. His songs carry on with such energy and craft that I’m afraid slamming some vocals in might just distract from the tunes.

Pyramid’s work has VIBRANCY.

It resonates with you and when you are listening to his tracks you just feel this energy flowing into you.

You start head-nodding, you unconsciously start to follow the beat, it all flows so natural that it’s sometimes a little hard to realize that you have been listening to his soundcloud for the past hour.

Some of the songs might sound pretty electro-banger, there might be some comparisons made to the likes of Kavinsky however, I think that after a listen it is pretty clear that Pyramid is doing his own thing.

Pyramid – Destiny Part II

Pyramid is only getting started

He has the time and the talent to keep surprising us with greatly composed tracks and mind-blowing remixes. And who knows, maybe for the Tron remake part deux movie execs would be onto something by considering Pyramid for the score!

A personal favorite and the undisputed winner of the remix contest held by Kitsune:
Heartsrevolution – Teenage Teardrops (Pyramid Rmx)
Featured image courtesy of Pyramid via Facebook.

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