Pictures Music: Dauwd and ShadowBox Updates!

It’s been a minute, but Pictures Music

hit us up for two very important (via ultimate 2K12 indie playlist worthy) indie music updates by artists Dauwd and ShadowBox!

For those who haven’t had the time or energy due to forage for chill tunes to ride out the last of your extra-420cular activities, let me recommend Pictures Music artist Dauwd. Growing up in Wales, Dauwd amassing sounds to weave within his own style of luscious UK bass. In addition to electronic music production, he has ample experience with piano, guitar, and drums which attribute to the clean-cut composition of his tracks.

Dauwd – What’s There (Fort Romeau remix)

British newcomer Dauwd makes two-steppy house that shares a lot with the current Barcelona school of producers (you might have spotted him in John Talabot’s recent FACT mix). Norris’ version preserves the warmth of the original, but cranks up the tropicalia a couple of degrees. Some corruscating synthwork and skippy drum programming gives Norris’ version plenty of character of its own. — via FACT Magazine

Dauwd released the single last year, which has sold out ever since, but La Roux’s keyboardist/emerging UK producer Fort Romeau (Mike Norris) has turnt up the heat and cooked What’s There into something as cosmic as the original.

Jack Dixon – Lose Myself (Dauwd Remix)


Pictures Music 012 - ShadowBoxPictures Music is also working with ShadowBox

to release her first 12″ vinyl EP on the label. Since I last featured Bonnie Baxter, she teased us with a soulful (Brooklyn) bedroom studio rendition of A M. The single has since been played by BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, who said it was spectacular! When I first listened to A M I was wowed by Bonnie’s improvements to the fledgling electronic futurescape she introduced us to on YouTube.

By layering a pulsing inorganic backdrop with her delicate natural voice, ShadowBox is sure to send warm-tingly feelingz and/or chillz down ur lil hipster bodies with every hit ‘o the play button.

ShadowBox – A M

Pictures Music released the A M for free — just insert £0.

images courtesy of Pictures Music

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