Indie Playlist: September 3, 2012

You know Lil Peace Treaty is always on da lookout for all the hottest tunes that you might’ve missed out on when compiling your latest indie playlists. It’s my dream for everyone in my Sweetest circles to strive for their personal 100 no matter what motivates y’all. The best way I know how is by sharing the tunes that put me straight to werk and celebrating all the artists who hold the line.

01. Darq E Freaker – Cherryade

Outside of the UK, Darq E Freaker is most known for his top-shelf collaboration with Detroit rapper Danny Brown on Blueberry, complete with remixes from b.i.g. b.o.i. producers & DJs Sinden, Pelican Fly All Stars, 5kinandbone5, MORRI$, and Star Slinger. At any given time someone, somewhere needs to get dem feets movin’ to da beats. Cherryade is just one of many treats for those who aren’t confined by bed sheeeeeeeeetsssssssssss.

If you’re into slick & flammable traxxx, check out Oil Gang for more!

02. Tryezz – Night Driven

Night Driven EP provides the backdrop for that much needed night drive to clear the mind. I wanted to capture different elements of what it’s like and how it feels to get that night drive in. I created a release with the same theme back in 09′. I felt that I needed to revisit that theme again.

These songs bump, but at the same time, have that coolness to it. This way people can groove to it, and at the same time, reflect on things. Play these tunes to revitalize and get your mind right. To get the full experience, bump these tunes after 11:30pm…on the open road…preferably with the windows down. 😉

Much love y’all. Thanks for tuning in.” — Tryezz

03. Sam Flax – Child of Glass

I enjoyed a productive weekend with my trubrus. It’s good to know how your brus/bbs are feelin’ for real so that you can treat them wit da love and respect they deserve. This is why I dedicated Child of Glass to homebru Roddy’s drive home last Friday cause I know working da grind is less than ideal for those of us who are into max chillin’. His response?

“This fits so perfectly into today. Is my life being played at the drive-in but no one is aware of my screen presence ’cause they’re getting it on?”

04. GRANT – Earth in Hindsight

Yung producers and beatmakers are the key to reimagining the things that make you move. GRANT’s got a lot to offer everyone hot on that future-beat tip; whether you’re a rapper looking for a beat to work with or an avid listener wanting to vibe with something out of this world, then here’s a good place to start.

05. TeamSupreme – Vol. 21

Lastly we’ve got TeamSupreme‘s 21st beat cypher, hot off da press. As in one more reason (plus twenty others) to get into dat future-electronic-beat music purveyance.

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