round of applause

Round of applause to all the new lil Driplets and to bb Summer for comin’ thru lookin clean. Today’s indie playlist was brought to you by me laying out in the sun and letting the freshest Cali breeze touch me all over. We always gotchu covered with the slicccccccccckest indie playlists if you’re the type to slip ‘n slide through the week.

BRB gonna grill some kebabs lolol.



02. Contact Lens – I WANNA DIE PT. I

03. YAWN – Ganymede

04. Groundislava feat. Clive Tanaka – TV Dream

05. Sade – Cherish The Day (Sleeve↓ Deep Love Edit)

06. Noms – Sunshine

07. Breakbot – One Out Of Two (Oliver Remix)

08. Mickey Moonlight feat. George Lewis Jnr – Close To Everything

09. LiL TExAS & C.Z. – Crystal Love Affair

10. Goldroom – Verano Mix 2012

♥ u bbs! play nicely

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