Disclosure Helped Spread House Music Awareness In The U.S.

Guy And Howard Lawrence Are On Fire!

I’ve seen a lot of hate lately toward Disclosure. “They’re sell outs, they’re mainstream, they’re cut copy House music, they’re done…” Fine. Hate all you want on Disclosure, but they didn’t just randomly appear out of nowhere. Disclosure have been largely on the scene since 2011. Two years before Settle, Guy and Howard Lawrence were pumping out belters like My Intention is War and Tenderly. What really happened was “Latch“.

Don’t Believe Me?

Consider this: When Latch first came out, it was released as the lead single for the album on October 8, 2012 and reached 11 on the UK Singles Chart. Almost 2 years later the song is currently 28 on The Mainstream Top 40 Billboard Chart with a peak position of 3. Disclosure has headlined so many festivals in the U.S. and had numerous sold out shows. Billboard has called them the biggest crossover act since Adele. You can’t go to any shit dive bar, club, or even listen to the radio without hearing it. People like it because it’s a solid track and it’s what skyrocketed them to success here in the U.S. (Apparently a place where music comes to die).

Disclosure is not EDM

This is a very touchy topic. EDM stands for electronic dance music, however, it is a proven fact that definitions change over time. EDM itself is largely classified as a word that describes the DJ Mag Top 100. That is the most accurate depiction in my opinion. When Disclosure started to get popular here in the U.S., the amount of haters grew astronomically. Fans of the group began saying how they’ve changed their music, or how they’re making crap House music. Being a fan of Disclosure myself, I can say that compared to some of their original stuff, Settle was a bit different, but not in such a bad way where I would completely discredit them as artists. The real problem lies in perception.

“Disclosure have successfully bridged the gap between EDM fans and fans of House music.”

I can understand the frustration of someone who enjoys an artist before their success. The only thing that really bothers me is the price of shows goes up, the crowd gets ridiculously big, and it becomes less intimate. Here’s the thing though, Disclosure didn’t go out of their way to try and make something completely generic with Settle. I highly doubt they sat there and said, “Hey I have an idea, let’s make an album that will make us rich.” Disclosure successfully bridged the gap between EDM fans and fans of House music. They brought a sound to the states that was different than David Guetta and Avicii. To call them EDM is wrong.

Stop Being Pretentious

People’s biggest fear is that House music is going to somehow be tainted if it gets big here. “Look what happened to Dubstep!” Dubstep might not be as prevalent as it was but I can assure you that Dubstep is still very much alive in the U.S. The reason most people don’t know is because Dubstep has gone back into the underground while Brostep is still out there. So why is that argument stupid? If you were a true fan of Dubstep music, you would already have known that. The same goes for House music. If Calvin Harris made something that sounded similar to George Fitzgerald, it doesn’t change the fact that George Fitzgerald is a Don. It just means Calvin Harris has a very large following, an infinite budget and can get that tune to be massively popular. House music isn’t dead, it’s always been there and if anything, it’s flourishing. For the first time in a while, people here have access to a lot of good house music coming out of the UK: Justin Martin, Eats Everything, Dusky, Paleman, Huxley, Joy Orbison, Scuba, Duke Dumont…. Do I need to keep going? Look at any U.S. music festival’s lineup in the last 4 years and tell me how much House music is on there? The “House Music Boom,” if you want to call it that, is real here.

Disclosure just finished working with Mary J. Blige on London Sessions and I don’t see their success dwindling any time soon. So instead of hating, just shut up and enjoy the music, yeah?

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