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This week’s new Indie Playlist

is kinda all, like

one fucking spicy pizza.

I got this frm tumblr~

Pizza is all about sharing, ’cause if you eat one alone, you’re probably a top fuck — and that’s just not you silly.

Today’s indie playlist is all about artists who’ve received shout-outs from other artists willing to cut a slice of their clout & share. It’s that straight word-of-mouth indie tip.

Anyways, here are some recent tunes spanning that heart-healthy xtra virgin deep wave, choco bass and whatever template of electro prosciutto you think is cool. Just doing it ’cause we wanna b yer friendzzz :'(.

– <3 your prosciutto slicing papap, H’werd~

01. GRΔMΔH – Astronaut

Gramah looks to be a solo project by Graham Rutherford who also releases under the Jazz-inspired Jag Harps band/producer moniker (think Miami Horror/whatever group’s naming structure). Not much info out there otherwise unless I decide to swim to Bristol. Really excited to hear what else he’ll be coming out with next doe.

If you’re feeling stressed-out about the “state of Indie music today”, and people promising to cut your taxes after they finish eating duty-free caviar, unwrinkle your bs detectors and check out Jag Harps’ tunes as well, the music’s pretty smoov in its own way:

Jag Harps – Adptr

02. SORTAHUMAN & PARTY TRASH – U Mean Everything 2 Me

Another release coming out to you via AMDISCSSortahuman and Party Trash have crossed streams to create a collaboration release called ‘Candy Painted’ set to be available October 8th. Is Sortahuman ‘PC’? Do you enjoy pantaloons?

03. Sluts for Hire – Cigarette

Here’s something that’ll tug at yer pubis strings. Sluts for Hire!’s song Cigarette comes complete with dialogue samples from Cowboy Bebop’s English dubs, letting your trill-ass  inner-fAnime-self out to do some twerking. Do you feel like Spike, getting ready to take a grenade and pistol to a sword fight? Are Sluts for Hire! two stunning dudes from the Red Light District in Holland? Where the fuck you from?

04. Tokyo Hands – valleys [i got u]

#TOMCREW co-founder, Tokyo Hands released this demo last week. Do you feel the heartache? Can Tokyo Hands ever pick up the pieces of his #shattered #trillfeelings (RIP)? If you’re in the Wichita area, check  out #TOMCREW IRL on Oct. 6th (wif Noms 2!). Pretty sure it’s gonna be sick as fuck. S.A.F.

05. Noms – Snack Pack  V.1

Our homebru N0ms recently hit over 3k+ subscribers on his Soundcloud recently (congratzzz) and to celebrate the milestone (and I’m sure other trill things) sweetest Fernando has packed us a lil’ musical nibble via Snack Pack V.1.

Here’s what he has to say about’s it:

“A little free EP thing I finished up over the weekend <3 Gonna try and occasionally make these and keep them going :3 enjoy the free tunes :D”

06. Bloodlovers – slow jam

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t know shit about who/what Bloodlovers is/are. All I know is that David Beltran gave them/it/shim a shout-out on our lil’ open group. Do you enjoy reading this commentary? I could seriously be some middle-aged moustached fuck named Elgar, waiting at a Philly bus stop with a coffee, talking about music to youngsters.

BONUS: Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (Sekuoia LOLmix)

I personally think it sucks that people have to put shit like “LOL” in front of their mixes to deal with any possible backlashes by their respective communities. The only difference in the music ‘hip’ fucktards listen to vs. pop fucks is that one group scours the internet harder & hopefully pays less for tickets at shows. Think about it, in the end we’re all tards, let’s just be trill about our realities <3.

 shitty pizza meme

Till next time, check out our Trill Music Tumblr, or get more music with our other indie playlists.

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