Vintage is more than just clothing.

A closet of vintage pieces

Vintage clothing tells a story

Think about your favorite pair of shoes from when you were a child. You must have loved those shoes. All the adventures, the happy times, and sad times that those shoes had experienced by your side. When clothing becomes labeled as vintage, it represents something that transcends all physicality. It means that “this” article of clothing has memories behind it, it has a history.

Vintage Levi's denim jacket

credit: Castaway Vintage via Flickr

Vintage isn’t the indie scene with kids dressed in cheap past fashions. It represents a quality superior to simple fast fashion. Standing the test of time, these clothes represent their era, their wearer, and a certain invisible stamp of quality. All those rips and tears are badges of honor. Never to be mended because they are a proud signs giving the clothing character.

The quality of being vintage stands alone as one of the ways to immortalize design. Something that was created with such care lasts longer than a lifetime. As cherished memories are never forgotten, the same goes to vintage clothing.

All clothing becomes vintage

This is fashion’s nature, and the beauty of fashion. All trends may pass the years, but there are always a few timeless classics made every generation. A fleeting notion that clothing of today is tomorrow’s past. This is fashion’s grind, churning out styles season after season. Decades fly by as new designers become top designers. The challenge is who can create a garment that will be genuine to its quality.

A vintage polka dot dress

credit: rachel titiriga via Flickr

Serving the owner for a lifetime, shows the testament of a designer’s will-power. It takes a designer that understands themselves fully to create something that spectacular. That same will power is required of the wearer since they are wearing more than just clothing. Clothing that represents the wearer’s self-expression and their individuality is something fast trends will never catch onto.

Vintage clothing only gets better with age.

feature photo credit: Photoportunity via Flickr

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