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Lately I’ve been lost in a spiral of deep sleep,

dedicating a weekend’s-worth of blissful effort wrestling demons and playing exorcist to hissy-fit spirits with no imagination.

Thankfully, whenever I woke, I would just turn over and switch on a song from Kido Yoji‘s debut EP: Call A Romance

Kido Yoji – More than Real
Kido Yoji Image via Facebook

Kido Yoji via

Straddling moments of groggy clarity, songs like More than Real set the mood for fresh-feeling reality: The sun shining through windows, while playful breezes lick away the sweat from my drenched forehead.

And I found a gentleman’s peace through Kido Yoji

It’s called waking down, and that’s a fantastic ability to pull-through in music. When you approach a disco-like song, you can get one of two things: Either a slow, contemplative ballad or an upbeat silver-streamed funk punch.

Kido Yoji – Call A Romance
Kido Yoji Call A Romance Cover

Kido Yoji / Call A Romance

Like supreme beat tacticians Breakbot, Avec Avec and the Twelves, young 22 year-old Kido Yoji has found that magic touch that let’s him produce rare — but thankfully possible — music that does both, making you want to clap and side-step, while your movements trickle smooth, like molasses.

Formally spending his teenage years in Boston and New York, Kido Yoji is currently based out of the Pacific Ocean, — specifically, maybe Tokyo — where his debut Call A Romance EP was released in late October (a couple days before our site launch).

But when you strip down the details… the clean notes and clear arrangements do one specific thing: make people feel goddamn good.

So, thanks Kido Yoji!

As I plan to drown the rest of my day in sweet sound, wearing bass-line floaties, I’ll close this one out with my favorite song from Call A Romance remixed by the Ugly Kids.

Kido Yoji – AM 333 (Ugly Kids Remix)

I hope you all get off your nonsense mattresses and have a great wake down.

All images taken from Kido Yoji’s Facebook.

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