Enrique Martinez AKA The Sweet Leech of Filthy What?!

Let’s chill hard with Filthy WHAT?!

I recently interviewed Enrique “The Sweet Leech” Martinez and Justin Weisberg of the Filthy WHAT?! collective, who gave me some excellent insight on their path as indie artists.

Who are Filthy WHAT?!

Sweet Leech – Yons (Justin Weisberg Remix)

Reuel: Where did you guys meet? How hard do you guys like to chill? What types of things inspire the crew to make music that comes throuuuu~gh sounding cleeee~an?

Enrique Martinez AKA The Sweet Leech of Filthy What?!

credit: EdiPhotoEye

Sweet Leech: We all met in San Jose, CA through DJing different clubs, and just school and parties just random basic everyday stuff.

Over time we all gravitated towards more club style music, and Victor (Voyeur) really pushed us in the direction of the music we play and listen to today.

Then one day, Justin, Bendi, and Victor were all chillin’ in a car blazing it up and Vic threw it out there, “Why not make music together and put out music as a collective/group?”

Of course everyone agreed and just shook our heads as in why haven’t we thought of this before? As soon as that was confirmed Victor said, “We will be called.. Filthy WHAT?!”

Sweet Leech – Back Right Hand

Reuel: Enrique, I see that you’re based out of LA now. Has the move from the Bay Area changed/influenced/hypercharged your current musical tastes and aspirations?

Sweet Leech: I’d definitely say LA has changed the way I produce. I ride a moped around town and it is one scary ass trip wherever you go. That in itself has made me want to make tracks about rides to certain places. For example Feelin’ The Force and Back Right Hand are both tracks I’ve made after close calls — they’re just moments of relief and moments where your heart just drops (AKA BASS). The city in itself is a whole different vibe from The Bay and it really does change your look on things; but I’m glad my core insides are from the Bay, with an LA-style flavor on top.

Reuel: You’ve got twerkable tracks like Back Right Hand and get all suave on Boat Rockin’. One of my personal favorites is your bootleg remix of Dorrough’s Ice Cream Paint Job — definitely deserves a “DAMN SON, WHERE’D YOU HEAR THAT SHIT?” So, this is where I ask about “The Sweet Leech.” What’s he about?

Dorrough – Ice Cream Paint Job (Sweet Leech Bootleg)

Sweet Leech: About The Sweet Leech… I just want to make people dance, make people move, and feel emotions. I take my influences from all across the board. And now that you mention it, I guess I do have a wide variety of tracks. I guess I just have fun making music and that’s all it really comes down to.

Reuel: Got a lot of props from you from our mutual friends at Chicedelic. It definitely feels like this is prime time for new indie artists — future bassists, moombahtonistas, chillwavers, nu-discologers, trapaholics (and whoever else that provides a booty-bounceable beat) — to shine brilliantly. What do you intend to convey to the listener/dancer before any Justin Weisberg track is signed, sealed, and delivered?

Justin Weisberg: I find the best tracks have a lot of moments where your like “Whoa, I didn’t expect that!” It’s those “whoa” moments I strive for in all my productions. It is definitely a prime time for Indie artists now all thanks to the Internet! Which is great because you no longer have people telling you what to make or how to make it. As an up an coming artist, new to the game, this can be both bad and good because as you have total freedom to do everything right, you also have the freedom to do everything wrong.

I have been fortunate enough to have some really good conversations with some music-game veterans to help guide my decisions as far as signing tracks goes. The general consensus was this: don’t release anything unless you’re 2000% proud of it, have patience, and test your material on the dance-floor. There’s nothing worse than signing a release that everyone forgets about 2 weeks later.

DJ Orgasmic – Bassface (Justin Weisberg remix)

Reuel: Your Bassface remix is so clean; it’s no wonder you won got the gold for Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team’s Remix Contest! I enjoy the spread of sounds that you lay out for the listeners. How did it feel winning the contest? What are your music goals for this year?

Justin Weisberg of Filthy What?!

credit: Shines Like Gold via Facebook

Justin Weisberg: It was a bit unreal at first! I was at work and I started getting texts, “Congrats dude!” All the guys at Sound Pellegrino are super cool. They had played my track So Moist on the show a few months prior. Then got to meet Teki when he’d played out here in SF at Lights Down Low a few week later and told me to enter the remix competition. I basically listened to all the remixes of the track that where out there and said “I’m going to do something completely different,” and it worked! That has kind of been my approach to all my personal productions as well ever since.

As far as musical goals for this year goes, I’ve been quietly working on a 5 track EP all-originals. I have so many tracks spanning a wide variety of styles. I never want to be pin-holed into a single genre to the point where I’m called a “Tech-House Producer” or a “Techno producer.” I want people to say, “I don’t know what the fuck he makes but it’s dope.”

Justin Weisberg – So Moist

Reuel: It won’t be hard to keep a lookout for you guys because the beats are always bangin’ hard. Any future plans for the Filthy WHAT?! crew that you’d like to share? Any indie artist/crew recommendations that have your tip of the hat? Shout-outs?

Filthy WHAT?! Podcast

Sweet Leech: We’ll be playing a lot more shows together within the year since a few of the crew members are moving out to LA as well. Keep an ear out for the Filthy WHAT?! Compilation. Also, if you’re not paying attention already, you better start looking up these shout-outs: the Fade 2 Mind crew, Bodyhigh, Unknown to the Unknown, and Hot Flush Recordings. Pure inspiration from all those guys.

featured photo credit: Enrique Martinez

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