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Alexandre Louvré – Just For You

Marko De’Rangel A.K.A. Alexandre Louvré started putting out quality funky, fresh feelin’, up-beat, French-House-influenced tracks about a year ago and he has already skyrocketed to everyone’s most-played lists.

Alexandre LouvréIn today’s over-saturated DJ/Bedroom Producer market, it is incrementally difficult to gain recognition and garner a decent following.

A great portion of new and emerging acts fade out of relevancy just as quickly as the current music trend they piggybacked on falls out of vogue…

          …But Alexandre Louvré is not riding any music fads nor using any gimmicks; just Ableton Live, a laptop, and talent – lot’s of talent:

Alexandre Louvré – Midway Love

From the Artist’s Soundcloud page:

A mind full of exotic,young,fresh ideas,a palate with a taste of funky beats,is what Alexandre Louvré obtains.

Existing for the past 20 years, Alex Louvré is an inspired,devoted producer from Tijuana,Mexico and his goal is to awaken the mind,heart and senses with his nonpareil touch, transmitting the good vibes and marvels to the world by his incomparable work.Louvré has been producing since the past year and has been working with other artists as well, improving every day and flourishing his music throughout the world one step at a time.

Start your weekend right by bumping up some Alexandre Louvré!

Alexandre Louvré

When listening to Alexandre Louvré’s tracks, it is impossible not to pick up on the French influences – there are nods to Daft Punk, Alan Braxe, and a huge love for French House.

Alexandre Louvré had this to share in regards to his influences, gear, and how it all started:

I got into music like this because back in the day my older cousin was living here!
He had Daft Punk’s CDs and I listened to them when he was about to leave to a party, he used to play the CD out loud maybe to get in a “party mood” and that music really got into me.

I started producing this type of music mainly because of Daft Punk and then I discovered the amazing world of French House and, of course, many artists influenced me.

I still have A LOT to give! For now I just produce with my laptop and headphones; no midi keyboard and nothing.

Good things are coming with new equipment!

But when I’m on my car, I mostly listen to classical piano like Chopin, I love Chopin and Down tempo music. Of course some Disco House, but I am a very calm person throughout the day.

Van She – So High (Alexandre Louvré rmx)

Alexandre Louvré
Aside from that, the promising young producer has been influenced by the likes of Breakbot and Disco Funk artists.

It’s really exciting to see what Alexandre Louvré will do once he gets his new equipment – especially since he says he will be channeling more of that Breakbot influence once that happens!

With EPs that are supposed to be released later this year (though no word on the title or release date yet) via Electrique Music and Monkey See Monkey Do, it is certain that this year Louvré will be busy keepin’ it Boss.

Alexandre Louvré told me that he is a “California boy on paper” but has lived in Tijuana all his life.

If that’s the case, then I am very much looking forward for him to pay California a visit and drench the ears of chillbros and broettes with his funky fresh beats.

Alexandre Louvré – Another Time

Are you gonna vibe out to some Alexandre Louvré?

featured images via Alexandre Louvré’s Facebook.

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