Let’s start off with some Debonair swag:

Debonair – Gimme Your Dub


From House to Hip-Hop, to some tropi-cool vibes with Disco swag, Debonair stands out from the rest by creating suave, quality tracks while making it seem easy.

WAY easy.

The aptly named Debonair comes thru lookin’ clean with a elegant, nonchalant sound that transforms Disco vintage tunes into more dancefloor friendly tracks:

The Rolling Stones – Too Much Blood (Debonairs Too Much Dub)

Who is Debonair?


Dancefloor killin'

Debonair is Conor Bevan, multifaceted chillbro, vibing out from the UK.

He is the talent behind mixtape beast CBEAT as well as one half of Eau Rouge.

CBEAT (now defunct) was used “solely for creating mixtapes”.

His other project, Eau Rouge, is similar to CBEAT but it is an ongoing collaboration with Debonair’s friend KMG and is focused more on slow jams.

What’s 2k12 looking like for Debonair?

 My tracks ‘Why?‘ (House of Disco), ‘Mellow Mellow‘ (Whiskey Disco) and ‘Utopia‘ (Whiskey Disco) are all due to be released in March 2012.

Debonair – Why? [to be released on February 14th via House of Disco]

I’ve been busy finishing two new jams called ‘Straighten Out’ & ‘Tell You More’.

Straighten Out‘ is grittier & deeper than my recent offerings and has already been well received by the likes of Francis Inferno Orchestra, Lou Teti & Rocco Riamundo.

Tell You More‘ on the other hand is a far more delicate affair combining dreamy loops & luscious percussion.

Hopefully previews of both should be appearing on the ‘cloud shortly.

Also I’m moving to OZ [Australia] in April, so hopefully Debonair can keeps it’s momentum while I’m there!

Debonair -Winter Madness

Debonair is an artist that understands ‘the Game’.

But doesn’t get played by it. He is on top of his game musically and in terms of image/branding (something that many artists nowadays still fail at).

Or on his own words:

I’d say it’s important to have a strong brand image. It helps with recognition, so people are like ‘ah that’s the guy with the red circles’. haha

Debonair - All Abroad

A talented graphic designer, he has done all the artwork for his tracks.

Whether putting out creative edits of vintage disco tracks in London or making SloMo-bootie-bouncing-inducing tracks Down-Under;

Debonair is an act to keep an eye on but more importantly put BOTH ears to…

…and LISTEN:


Debonair – All Abroad
All images courtesy of Debonair.

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