Before I speak about Croydon,

I have a bit of an apology for leaving my bbs in Texas last week. As your trusty Internet caballero, I did what I could to explore the SXSW frontier. Soon after publishing Part III, my loyal steed was torn apart by unknown demons, quenching their thirst for innocent blood. Horsey noooooooooooo!

Croydon – The Raven

I regained consciousness, knee-deep in someone’s e v i l e throne. I wasn’t scared; I just didn’t know what new devilry was seeping into my ears. The closer I got to the source, the more my body seemed to act on its own. Spectral synths and sinister snares reverberated throughout the dank halls of this lair. “Wait, what?!?!” I tried to say, but I couldn’t hear myself over the bass drums which were sooooo damn trill. I reached a large chamber filled with people who seemed enchanted by the same spell; everyone was dancing like they were fucking possessed!

Croydon – Omens mixtape

The overlords of this darkrave revealed themselves with eyes gleaming. Madden. Velanova. BL▲CK † CEILING. D∆ims. SILΔSISDE▲D. All hungry for my soul, they tweaked their music to further convert me to their dark arts. And there he was.

Croydon was waiting for me.

We exchanged words — more like I danced xxxxxxtra affirmatively to increasingly appealing beats, hellfire licking at my devil’s fit denim. Telepathically, he told me there was no need to worry; he just wanted to party with Sweetest this whole time!


Reuel: Croydon, our Sweetest readers wanna know. Who are you? What are you doing? Where’d you come from? When? Why? How? You know the drill. . . 😉

CRO¥DON: Hey Sweetest Drip. Name’s CRO¥DON, yes with a ¥. You can find me in an eerie dark forest or metropolitan Asian cities. Currently I’m writing music to explain chapters in my life, trying to leave this country and explore the unknown parts of dance music, dark or not.

I’m originally from a small snowboarding town outside of South Lake Tahoe, I moved down to Santa Barbara on the Central Coast of California 2 years ago to go to school. I left because there was no scene or future up there. So I came where I saw promise. I felt like I needed change from how blind I was up there with music. Moving down here really opened my eyes to sounds I had no idea existed.

Flew down on my Broomstick. Duh.

Reuel: Witch house, darkwave. . . what got you into playing all things 666BPM? What interests you about this realm, and what really gets you into the darkness that is Croydon?

Croydon – Ouroboros

CRO¥DON: At first when I listened to witch house I thought it was pretty horrible, but the visual art is what dragged me in. I keep listening and it finally got me hooked. I listened to dubstep religiously for a year and I still feel that the darkness dubstep had left. So naturally, witch house was an easy replacement for me. So I converted. I really liked the fact that it was a pretty untouched genre, and that I literally had so much freedom to express my thoughts through sound. So I just committed into writing a whole album.

As I mentioned early I’m composing music to explain chapters in my life and when I started this I was going through a really dark, demonic, and haunting time of my life which for the most part help me get into character. So it really was a self-expression. Literally all the tunes have a story behind it. I was seeing strange omens so I wrote songs about them. Also big ups to Mascara that fool makes killer tracks and I got lots of my influence from him. I think he’s the only one doing Dark Dance Music the right way.

Reuel: The intro is spot on and gets me reeeaaaalll deep into the rest of the OMΛN§ M‡X†ΛPΞ, ultimately leading me to my personal favorite: Concer†ino of †he Wre†ched.  You mentioned in the SoundCloud comments that Ouroboros might be your top choice. Could you tell us how you conceptualized the mixtape?

CRO¥DON: I have a lot of influence from Mater Suspiria Vision’s Zombie Rave mixes. I wanted to make it seem more like a radio show with a narrator. I added some creepy demonic bible verses. Tried to give everyone credit that helped out through samples of theie names when the collaborations came on in the mix.

Concer†ino of †he Wre†ched was done with my long friend Velanova from New York. He’s a great Chillwave Artist and he helped me murk out those ominous violins for that track. I really liked Ouroboros for many reasons. The basslines and snyth dives sync perfectly and it dances pretty well to I reckon. I originally finished that back in December but sat on it for a month before I was going to release the mix. So I went back and completely changed the concept of it. It was suppose to be slow but I went back and made it groovy.

Also Ouroboros is an old symbol that means life, death and rebirth. It’s a snake eating its tail and I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere. I actually have a necklace of it. Heh.

Reuel: What’s your take on indie netlabels like Aural Sects? How do you feel they’re doing in regards with experimental music-making and promotion?

CRO¥DON: I think it’s really good to have these net labels. Everyone helps build each other’s act through promotion and that fat bandcamp that AS runs. So many talented artist and so many songs I just can’t handle. Its very experimental, but I think its great they have the mentality that branding is more important than the ¥ in the beginning.

Reuel: Can you foresee what the future holds for Croydon?

Croydon – Moombahton set on SoundCloud

CRO¥DON: So I’m still working on my moombahton EP that will be hitting Beatport and iTunes soon. After Omens I’m going to make a follow up Witch EP titled The Fog. That’s nearly finished and you can expect that out no later than the 2nd week of April. This one is going to be a bit happier and not as dark I think, kind of like a whole other sound perhaps. More or less me coming out of that demonic stage and climbing back through the eerie fog to what I hope is blissful.

After that I’m going to Asia. I’d like to have a EP or album where I’m going to mix the sounds of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, J-pop, garage, Sailor Moon, acid, tropical and trap music all in one release. Then when I get over there I’m going to try to write a song about each major city I visit.

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images courtesy of Croydon

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