A Sweetest Celebration for DJ Mehdi

DJ Mehdi, Rest In Beats.

DJ Mehdi with Busy P

credit: DJ Mehdi Facebook

Sweetest Drip would like to dedicate what would be Mehdi’s 35th birthday to celebrate the highly-renowned DJ and producer. Though he’s not with us anymore, DJ Mehdi’s contribution to music lives on through the hearts and headphones of fans, friends, and family.

A-Trak – Mehdi Forever Minimix

To those who did know him, Mehdi Favéris-Essadi was a beloved friend and well-respected artist.

To those who didn’t personally know DJ Mehdi, they only had to meet him once to instantly feel his kindhearted nature.

Whether it was his cool-cat looks or his uplifting high-fives, DJ Mehdi was a undoubtedly a champion of chill. In fact:

DJ Mehdi was much more than somebody.

DJ Mehdi – I Am Somebody

DJ Mehdi had roots as a hip-hop producer for many underground groups within France. Internationally, it took a while for event promoters to recognize the power behind headlining his name on club handbills and festival posters. Mehdi’s excellent talent and insatiable love for music is accredited with helping to blast the boundaries between hip-hop, indie, and electro cultures — to say the least.

DJ Mehdi – Tragicomehdi

Especially after solidifying his talent with Ed Banger Records and working with esteemed artists from all around the world, it was hard for anyone to deny that Mehdi was indeed somebody.

Carte Blanche feat. Kid Sister – Do Do Do

 “To Protect and Entertain, in Party we trust. . .”

Busy P feat. Murs – To Protect and Entertain (DJ Mehdi 99Rap mix)

In a world where DJs and producers are often unreachable from behind their equipment towers, DJ Mehdi was one of the few who genuinely cared for the life of the party. Even when not playing, he made time to interact with the crowd. He wasn’t Hollywood; he had two minutes and then some to give you a solid hug or to receive your well-wishes with a charming smile.

Though I’ve only shared a handshake and kind words with him in person, I’d heard and learned enough of Mehdi’s legacy to understand how key he was to the current state of electro music. Not to mention that he embodied Ed Banger’s protect and entertain sentiment to the fullest.

DJ Mehdi and Riton as Carte Blanche

credit: Carte Blanche Facebook

When I saw Mehdi perform with Riton as Carte Blanche, my mind was blown by how much chemistry there was between the good friends and their tastes for the right track at the right time. Within a high-five and a finger-snap’s amount of time, they effortlessly transitioned between classic tracks to their own blank check renditions of house music.

DJ Mehdi’s hand in breaking down the walls between genres allowed people from all walks of life to party together; to experience fellow men and women in a way that only music allows. And with that sentiment, we would like you to join us in remembrance of Mehdi in the best way possible: with a full-on soul train in honor of our beloved musician.

Carte Blanche – Gare du Nord

Wherever you choose to party, it’s very possible that your choice DJ will mix in one of Mehdi’s tracks. You’d do him well by dancing with nothing but love for the man so that he may live eternally through his passion.

Happy birthday, DJ Mehdi!

With kind regards and the deepest respect, Sweetest Drip raises a glass in your name.

feature photo credit: Carte Blanche Facebook

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