Spönge: June 27, 2012

Spönge: June 27, 2012I was chillin’ pretty hard out back when suddenly I heard a *PLOP* — O NO LEAPING LIZZY why’d u have to party 2 hard next to the pool?

I bounced out of sunbathing position and summoned a pool cleaning net thing to help the lil lizard out. Then I found a shady place for Lizzy to escape teh sun like a tru gentlemane.

Maybe Liz was trying to thank me for how I handled the rescue op, but no matter what I did it just stayed there looking 2cute. After negotiating (poking/shaking/mindreading) with Lizzy, I dropped the pool cleaner net thing to go back inside cause I felt the urge to get my Spönge wet.

I looked back and Lizzy left my life :<

01. Fiorious – So Pretty

02. Lil Chuuuch – Good Luck

03. Voltron – Play It

04. TeamSupreme Vol. 11

05. WHEEZ-IE – Remember The Score (Video Edit)

06. SpaceGhostPurrp – Osiris of the East

07. Death Grips – Double Helix

08. Sébastien Tellier – Russian Attractions

09. Rubix – Sophie

10. Simian Mobile Disco – Your Love Ain’t Fair

11. Doseone – Thy Pattern

12. The Aikiu – Pieces Of Gold

13. DENA – Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools


15. Mr. Meeble – Star Power

16. Slowking’s Pretty Chill Day

Spönge: June 27, 2012cool story bro

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