so yung

o dam bb u okay? lemme clean u up wit a sponge and some music videosHello friends!

What’s really hood?

Did the summer’s sun get you 2sweaty?

No worries. We can give u a non-sensual, 100% organic Spöngebath Squaredance to soothe ur weary soul.

Ay did u know that young baby coconuts are two for a dollar at Zion Marketplace? All u gotta do is pop a straw in the coconut-eye and sip your worries away.

Luv u 2 pieces,
Sweetest Drip

01. Groundislava feat Clive Tanaka – TV DREAM

Do u remember the night we first met? We were listening to TV DREAM on the most perfect grassy festival field rolling mad balls. And the sun was setting so beautifully and I think I was having digital dreamzzz and like I think I love u BB. This is our carefree summer 2K12 to 4ever anthem.

02. LE1F – Wut

From one Yung Phenomenon to another, Wut is GOOD. Grade A 100% trill [tril]: n. true and real. Haterz, can we say “shots fired”? It pains me 2 drop another buzzphrase but like, it’s hard to deny greatness when he’s werkin’ his thang right in yo face.

I am gay, and I’m proud to be called a gay rapper, but it’s not gay rap. That’s not a genre. My goal is always to make songs that a gay dude or a straight dude can listen to and just think, This dude has swag. I get guys the way straight rappers get girls. I’m not preachy. The best thing a song can be called is good. — LE1F via FADER

If you really fux with it, don’t forget about the ace production brought 2 u by 5kinAndBone5.

03. Kreayshawn – Go Hard

Gotta show love for one of our original Yung Poster BBs. Honestly, whenever I step out of the hermitage I hope to see more people tear shit up at all the crosswalks, convenience stores, and bus stops I pass. U know, Real World Soul Train on da Skreets Everyday Edition. Excuse me world, but where da sugar ‘n spice 2 make rrthang nice? We can Go Hard without hurting each other ya’kno; u just gotta believe!!!

Keep it fresh bbKreay!

04. Kavadre Equis – What is Dead May Never Die

Howard: If talent were like penises, Kadavre Exquis would have three large dongs. A graphic designer/animator/composer/Frenchie, this artist is a pretty trill example of our multi-dicked (talented) generation. 

Here’s how he introduces What is Dead May Never Die:

This film is a time capsule in which you will shortly explore many things such as landing on the moon to film credits, passing through various experiments. Sit back and enjoy.

05. Snoop Lion – La La La

Papa Snoop been tryin’ out all types of vibes lately; truly #positive vibes in a time where people wanna spread rlly #negative vibes for some raisin.

By now you’ve heard about Snoop and Diplo’s recent Jamaican getawayLa La La is one of many tracks spawned from this ultra-chill hangout as part of the upcoming Reincarnation album. It’s okay hater bbs, you still have like twelve other albums to remember him as da D-o-double-g. He’s definitely not a stranger to dipping his wick in all sorts of genre dips: check Snoop’s SoundCloud for an awesome 250+ byproducts of quality bongcation time.

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